Ch. 294. C’est la vie

To say that Y’lanna’s words had the desired effect was about as accurate as saying that the Behemoths of Selaht IV were small creatures – they aren’t or to be more precise weren’t. She still had to remember that in this world things, like the Behemoths, didn’t exist at all and she had to alter the way she said things to fit the tone and setting of this world. It was hard. She had lived 187 years and had created her own set of habits, but she would adapt. It may take a bit of time, but she would get used to this new social setting and make it her own.

All she could do was roll her eyes at Ruili and Haug. They were two stubborn men crossing horns with each other and, because of that, one of them was likely to die. It hadn’t been her intention, but such is the way life here is on this world. She’d know for next time.

Strange as it may sound, it started to seem that the two men had started to appreciate each other’s company. Ruili asked a question about rhyming of the word “lilac,” a word that had no equivalent in Y’lanna’s native language as such plants were not known to exist in any form to the lilac-coloured lady. It was the first real word that didn’t translate to something that made some remote sense, and it had just hit home about how foreign this place was to her. Yet she had faced worst and lived. She had survived 47 years as a slave, and she was damned well going to make the best of this opportunity for a new life, no matter how strange it might be.

She had tried to keep out of Haug’s and Ruili’s way as she was engaged in her own thoughts, but that soon came to a quite literal crashing end as the the train suddenly lurched to a halt. Y’lanna lost her footing and tumbled forward face first into the train compartment’s wall which afterwards she soon collapsed to the floor.

“Y’lanna, are you hurt?” her guardian asked.

“Yes, but only superficially,” she replied as she raised her purple hand to her temple. She had a tremendous headache but was otherwise fine. She didn’t even break her nose, though internally the nose is significantly different. Moments later, with the shouts of “Stand and Deliver,” she finally realised the train was being robbed. Of all the things that had to have happened, the train just had to be robbed.

It was a bit hard to see why anyone would try to rob a train. It was dangerous and unpredictable considering the quantities of armed persons on the train. There were the guardians that patrolled the train, any other armed train staff and not to forget the relatively high proportion of civilians that were armed as well. It just seemed to Y’lanna simply too risky an assault for little reward. However, no matter what Y’lanna thought about the risks, the train was still being robbed and so she accepted the dagger Ruili offered. She didn’t have the battle experience and so would need to rely on Ruili’s and, as he said, to stay by him. That’s exactly what she was going to do.

All that she had to do now was to wait for some direction in dealing with this.

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