Ch. 287 Men and Their Delusions

Train #47, Raurugia Rail Lines

It took a moment for Y’lanna to work out what was going on, but when she did she had to wait for an opportune moment.

“You two are fighting over me? Stop it immediately. Perhaps I have something that I wish to say about whose prize I am. The answer is neither. My Selkie friend, you are here to keep me safe from harm and that is all. I am not yours and I will never be if you take a single swipe.” Y’lanna’s tone was a harsh commanding tone, demanding that Ruili step down, but it soon softened when she started address Haug.

“And Haug, we are strangers on a train. We both have our own lives. Your boss will find this man who upset him so, and you will need to be there or else you’ll be next.  For me, I have my own matters that need attending. That heirloom I mentioned before. Our paths have joined for these few special days on the train, and it was an experience I will never forget but afterwards our paths will once again diverge. You will return to your life and so I shall to mine. As sad as it is this is how it must be for you have your job and duty to attend to in finding this person, and I have mine. Haug, please. Don’t do this.” By the end of her little speech Y’lanna seemed almost on the verge of tears like this was all a cruel twist of fate. To introduce the two of them to each other and then to rip them apart again when the journey’s over, smashing any chance of a life together into dust.

Of course it wasn’t all accurate. There was that heirloom lie she had told Haug to begin, and the way she said it indicated an emotional state which she wasn’t in and a connection between the two that didn’t exist, but otherwise the actual factual content was sound. It seemed to Y’lanna that Haug hadn’t actually thought what was going to happen after the train. The reality was obvious they were going to separate and probably never see each other again — unless of course Haug was going to abandon his boss and join them in hunting for the heirloom? That would certainly cause some difficulties, but if Aeldrethian gangs were anything like the ones that existed in her world, it was never going to be an option for the boss would take it as a personal insult and then go after Haug with a vengeance, and Haug shouldn’t be that stupid.

The only question remaining was whether Y’lanna had hit the right notes, with the put-down of Ruili which she was sorry about but had to do if Haug had any chance of actually listening followed by the actual argument she had given. It was all a variation of a trade negotiation that she had studied long ago as it was her plan to become a business woman. There was a reason the Zonelogers were the natural diplomats of her universe and not just because of their sexual attractiveness to other species but also their business acumen and negotiation skills.

On board La Danse Calinda

After all the internal chastisement, Ionas set to work on trying to lay sight on the great Peino Starhand. His work was hard. For any normal-sighted person it would be impossible to see through the canopy of the forest, but for Ionas it was merely almost impossible. If he’d had a good idea where exactly Peino had fallen, i.e. seen for himself then that was one matter. It would be simply a matter of circling around that location until they managed to spot something. However in this case, without being sure about exactly where he landed it was going to be difficult.

Assuming of course that he was alive and could respond to rescuers. It was just very hard to know where to look. Of course Ionas could give a rough estimate, but that estimate would grow with time. Peino could very well be walking about dazed or simply unconscious and turn himself around. There was a reasonable chance that they might miss the Prince all together, but knowing the triplets, Jeneyeru would not give up, and with magic at hand it was clear that they had a long way to go before they reached panic stations.

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