Ch. 281. Scaling the Sights

Ionas had taken his position up in the crow’s nest as quickly as possible, not that he could do much up there but keep two separate eyes out, one to keep track of the dragon’s location should something happen to cause those on the decks to lose sight of it, and also to keep track of the surrounding terrain to make sure the Calinda didn’t run aground or crash into the side of a mountain. However, that was a very slim possibility with the Calinda rising into the sky as it was.

The truth be told he was feeling rather useless, while Peino and his servant — or was it Jeneyeru’s? — either way, they had efficiently dealt with one, but what could he do? His throwing daggers would do precious little damage to a beast of the size and nature of a dragon, and he didn’t particularly want to lose them, either, in the beast as it fell or, if he should somehow miss, somewhere on the ground below. He had already lost his log book and didn’t want to lose anything else of the few things that he could really call his own.

The storm continued to rage as for a moment he let himself drift off the task at hand. He had to start to wonder if Aunt Jaelle had been right all along, if he should just return to the family and subsume his desires and wishes to that of the needs of his extended family and House. Nevertheless, he couldn’t just abandon the captain now.  There was a task that they had to do, and then get the curse removed.

Either way, Ionas was not quite prepared as the remaining dragon side-swiped the ship, causing him to stumble rather awkwardly.  He almost falling down to the floor but managed to grab a hold of the rigging and cling to it. It was almost as if a lightning strike had landed right next to him and had pushed him back with force. It was an embarrassing situation — he should have been ready and handled it much better — but it did give him an idea.

He remembered he could not just throw the daggers, he could throw lightning itself.  He had almost completely forgotten about the enchantment that had been placed on his throwing daggers. He could conjure up a bolt of lightning in the dagger and throw it along with the knife. With the additional lightning enchantment activated the dagger would do more than simply bounce off the beast’s hide, and while he still was slightly reluctant, he had to do something.

In fact, the storm might just be a boon, that might enhance the effects of the lightning.  But he had to think for a moment, remember the Atultaec words.  It had been so long since he had used the enhancement, but they did come back to him very quickly. Once the door to the memory had been opened, everything seemed to flood out with it. Slightly ironic, considering he was storm-cursed.

Putting his sight back on the dragon, he muttered the words that would activate the power and threw the dagger at the dragon. As he released the dagger itself, a bolt of lightning streaked towards the remaining Dragon.

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