Ch. 267. Seeking Truth

Train Route 47, Raurugia Rail Lines

“It was interesting and yes, I shall join you. I have news that you should hear,” Y’lanna said with a knowing smile and turning back towards the galley car. She knew they’d head past the ruffians again, but it was a chance to see how they reacted to Ruili, to see whether it was he or his brothers they were after, or something else.

She watched as they passed the group of four. Her eyes locked onto Haug, and she held his gaze for the few seconds it took to approach and pass by. A few seconds later, as they had passed far enough to be out of earshot and to find some seating of their own, she asked Ruili a question.

“Did you notice those four individuals back there, three men and a woman. One of the men was goat-faced? They are members of a gang. Only four of them onboard from what I can tell. I’m not sure if they are going to be a problem for us or not. Someone attracted the boss’s attention — who is probably that well-muscled slightly greenish person — in a bad way. This attention resulted in these four beings coming onto this train to hunt down this person. Good news is that it doesn’t appear to be you or one of your brothers from our friends’ reaction to you.”

She took her stool looking over at Ruili to see what he thought about all this.

La Danse Calinda, somewhere over Raurugia – approximately two days left until arrival at Mt. Isolla.

For the first half of the journey, at least if you ignored the unpleasantness as they left Sesus, Ionas had very little to do. The storm was coming down heavy upon them, and there wasn’t a dragon or roc anywhere in sight. It allowed him to sneak a few looks down at the deck below.

Tayliana had seemingly made it a point to avoid the assigned quarters of their guests. Something had happened which soured relations with the Prince, the Wizard and their servants. Ionas wanted to go down and talk to her and find out what it was, but he had his tasks to perform and he couldn’t justify climbing down the rigging and taking his eyes off the skyline for that long.

Night once again fell as the familiar rain continued its heavy downpour onto the Calinda whose mood was seemingly as miserable as the weather. Eventually the lookout’s shift ended, and he climbed down with some time before he needed to find his bunk. Ionas knocked on the door to Tayliana’s room. The room with that strange mechanical hulk. He had already looked it over, but without the aid of magic or the knowledge of how mechanical things worked, he had no idea what the things he saw meant.

Which was a pity.  It was just the type of thing where his keen sense of sight could have made a difference, but now it was just a lump of metal.  But he was here to see Tayli and not the metal bulk that almost filled the room. He waited for her response.

“It’s Ionas,” he added to clarify just who it was that was waiting for her.

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