Ch. 256. Whirlwind

It had been a whirlwind of activity from the moment they pulled up into the harbour, but unlike the whirlwind that had brought her into the world of Aeldreth, Y’lanna was able to keep herself orientated to the situation at hand. Clothes, shower, food and transport to the train station.

She only had been able to glance at this city of Sesus as they entered the cabin ready to depart for their train journey. This train seemed to have elements that she was familiar with but there was still so much that seemed foreign to her about this method of transport. Still, she settled down and took her seat next to her chaperone, rather composed for the recent flurry of activity and the rush that had been required to get them to the train on time.

“I think I might wander the train for a bit, get an idea of the people we’ll be sharing the journey with. Sleep well, Lord High Admiral.” She smiled at him before getting up and letting him drift of to sleep with as little distraction from her as possible.

She moved from one carriage to the next, just taking up the atmosphere and taking in the various people who were in there. There was a varying cross-section of the populace on the train — some wealthy, some not, some returning home and others becoming visitors as the festival was just starting to wind down.

It all seemed very normal, all except for a small group — three men and a lady. They were together, but they weren’t the usual travelers. It was like they were some kind of mercenary group – tough, ready and paranoid, just waiting for a spark to set them off. She didn’t want to think what their luggage, in the racks above, would contain. Probably bad news.

In the end, she decided to act as if they were just normal passengers, pretending that she didn’t notice them as anything of interest or in any way different from others that were around. She didn’t want to get involved and neither did she want to risk getting others around her caught up in anything necessarily. What happened next as she passed by would be up to them.

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