Ch. 252. Clear Sight into the Night

Soon enough, the Calinda had made its way out of the city of Sesus. The familiar city had given way to the fields and plains of its nearby farms. He could identify the crops yet, as the ship floated further and further away, he realised something.

He had taken to ships as a method of escape and yet he had barely ventured out into the surrounding areas. He had never really gone to see the mountains nor anything much outside the city itself. It wasn’t that he had actively decided not to try escape over land but in his Selkie mindset, a life on land, disconnected from the sea and the freedom of the waves, wasn’t even considered.

It had been only at the point that he had joined the crew of the Calinda that he felt he didn’t have to be by or on the sea to be connected to it. It was a part of who he was, and now, looking over the fertile grasslands, he had the opportunity to think about what his life would have been like if he had chosen this alternate path. Perhaps he would be underneath the Calinda right now, working on a farm as a labourer.

He thought about it, but he knew he wouldn’t have been happy. The thought of the hard, monotonous and unrewarding work that did not did interest him one bit would have been almost as bad as continuing the stuffy life of a scion in Sesus. The repair work was being done, but he had a job to do, which required him to look out for any more signs of trouble lest dragons finished off what the gang couldn’t. The dark web of strands supporting the rigging provided another obstacle, yet not one that Ionas could not overcome.

The dim light of twilight soon faded away as the dark cloud rolled along with them. It was too dark to see, even with Ionas’ eyes, due to the storm blocking any light whatsoever, but below the grasslands had become a forest. What if he wasn’t burdened down with a job, any job, living in the forest as a hunter-gatherer? He certainly had the ability to take down his prey. Then he would be responsible to no one. No assumptions, no responsibilities and no expectations to be forced upon him. He’d live in the moment without having to please or consider anyone else, and that did seem at least somewhat pleasing.

Though it would be a lonely existence. Ionas was used to people being around him his whole life, from family to the strangers on the street, and to the activity of a city as big as Sesus. How would he cope with there being absolutely no one around, no friends, no one to support him, no one to step in if something should go terribly wrong? No, that wasn’t the life.

It was strange, but life on the Calinda combined both of the lives that he could have had on the ground — the freedom of travelling, combined with the responsibilities of being on a ship’s crew — yet somehow, he seemed to have found a place where his soul could rest. The Calinda freed him from the stuffy life that had kept him bound in Sesus. It had put him in amongst a crew that didn’t care about the House Ymuin nor anything more than the simple mundane things of life and yet still gave him a great amount of personal freedom being one of the captain’s close officers.

As strange as it seemed, the Calinda, for all of its oddities, was exactly where he was meant to be. He could feel it. As the night fell, Ionas returned to his bunk thinking and remembering all the experiences that he’d had on board. He was still saddened at the loss of his journal, but at his personal reflection, it somehow no longer seemed all that bad.

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