Ch. 251. Transfiguration of Blackness.

The selkie lords, having observed the efficiency with which Lafitte and his crew had doused the flames of the gangster Ashcat’s attack, instinctively turned their attention to the damage in the smoking rigging above them.  Both brothers were already calculating the scope of repairs — and Jeneyeru also noted Tayliana Winddancer using what appeared to be an interesting combination of earth-aligned magic in the Conjuration of Craftsmanship vein to repair the burned rope — so when Lafitte asked his question, Jeneyeru Nightwise had an answer.

“I believe I may have something for you,” the wizard said with a charming smile at the tall, dark, rugged eorman.

He had already summoned up a concentration of aura for a spell-casting against their attackers, but Lafitte’s staff assassin had made that unnecessary.  Now Lord Jeneyeru turned that energy to a different use.  Extending his bejeweled hands upwards towards the dark of the night, smoke, and storm above them, he chanted the rhythmic Atultaec words of the Transfiguration of Blackness.  The shadows above seemed to pull together, coalescing into a solid mass that then stretched itself out into long thick fibers, following the sorcerer’s will into a form close to that of a ship’s rigging, and binding the damaged parts of La Danse Calinda like a spider’s black web.

It took several minutes for the dark lines to finish arranging themselves, and when it was done, Jeneyeru sighed and smiled with satisfaction.

“That should do for a couple of days,” he said, testing the strength of the nearest, rain-glistening lines with a tug.  Peino tugged at them too, nodding with mild approval.  “I was able to tap into the storm’s power to give the spell strength, but I’ve found the more these shadow forms are used, the quicker they fade.  Still, despite sailors climbing all over them, I am confident you’ll get two days at least out of these webs.  Of course, I can renew them, if need be.”

Thus the Calinda was stabilized, and under the cloak of night, the city of Sesus slid away, as the airship and her attendant accursed storm sailed through her northerly course over the invisible countryside of Raurugia.  In the morning, gray and soaked with rain, the rolling hills and farmlands would appear, but for now, all was wet darkness and howling wind, above, below and round about.

“Well then, Captain,” said Peino, “If you have no other use for us at the moment, we shall retire to our cabin with many thanks for your hospitality.  Please do not hesitate to rouse us at any hour, if we may be of service.”

“Oh, indeed, Captain,” Jeneyeru agreed, “please do not hesitate.”

Exchanging bows and thanks with Captain Lafitte, they called Lotye O’Tulvar to follow, and returned to the cabin, where they found Thimble waiting with a pot of fresh coffee, some biscuits, and a report to make.

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