Ch. 242. Showing the guests around.

For Ionas the cabin was quite familiar and boring but the guests were something altogether different. As for the cabin itself, it was quite reasonable accommodation, secure shelter with some decent bedding. There were certainly cabins out there that were better but also ones that were far worse.  As far as Ionas concerned it was quite dull. It provided a decent place to stay and that was about it, though it was basically as good as they had the resources spare to provide.

“Here we are, this will be your cabin.” Each of them had a bunk, a foot locker to store clothes and such but the room also had a desk and a lantern. He pointed out the main features of the room before adding his own welcome of the group to the Calinda.

“It’s an honour and a pleasure to have you as guests aboard our humble and unique ship. I have to say I have found your accounts of the journey through the Vortex Zone and back rather exciting. It must have been an amazing experience, seeing all the strange and unusual things that you did.” They must of heard that, or at least something similar, from the moment they had returned home. Ionas just hoped that he didn’t sound like an obsessed fan, but as he’d already said it, it was too late to go back now. All that he could do now was to try and move on quickly.

“Anyway, unless there is anything else that you would like from me I should leave. Let you get settled in. Is there anything else or should I let you get to it?”

There wasn’t anything of particular interest from the guests that need his attention so he bid them farewell and left back up to his post in the super structure of La Danse Calinda.

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