Ch. 240. The Ducal Conveyance

The morning tasks had been well and truly completed as Ionas was called into the cabin for a meeting with the captain. It wasn’t unusual to be called in to such a meeting along with Tayliana, Beau and Larman as on this particular ship the Lookout was a very important position. On many of the other ships that he had served on, however, this was not the case.

However, when he found out what the meeting was about, he almost couldn’t believe it. To not only find out that the man he had so admired — “the Selkie’s Selkie” — was going to be a guest on board but that also the captain was concerned about the Prince “taking over,”  Ionas didn’t how to react. He was excited but also disturbed at the lack of trust. He was just about to say something too when the meeting was abruptly adjourned due to the very same man wishing to board the vessel.

Peino Starhand was a royal, but more importantly he was a captain. A position of greater importance to Selkie kind. So much so that, apart from the initial form of greeting which acknowledged his royal nature, it was form to address the heir to the dukedom of The Grand Navigators as a Captain afterwards.

Ionas Farseer just couldn’t believe that Peino would not recognise the rightful captain of this ship, but he just nodded as the meeting dissolved. He filed in behind the captain with the officers as they became ready to receive their guests. It was odd, he half-thought he wasn’t worthy of being in the greeting party but also half-glad that he was there to welcome him aboard as well. A guilty feeling underpinned everything as he watched and saw the two Ereonis brothers, their servants (having no knowledge of the previous events regarding Lotye O’Tulvar) as well as a couple of others, presumably from Peino’s own ship.

It was true they had prepared for four guests aboard, but surely there could be some satisfactory accommodations rustled up. After all there were always a few of the crew who just disappeared after they had made dock despite the chef’s best efforts. In any case this little hurdle or the presumed issue of a ‘take over’ were non-issues as far as Ionas concerned though he’d carry out his orders and any keeping an eye out. After all that was what he was good at.

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