Ch. 239. The Boarding Party

Larman Ogges had long since finished hauling and organizing the cargo aboard the Calinda by the time Captain Lafitte called a meeting of his closest officers, which included himself, the ship’s wizard Tayliana Winddancer, Beau Bergeron, and the ship’s lookout, Ionas Farseer.

Inside a cabin which had been converted from the Captain’s personal use to sleeping quarters for their guests, Lafitte paced back and forth. “I don’t think I need to remind you that this is going to be a somewhat dangerous voyage. Those creatures we faced in the South Arian Sea were just the beginning. There’ll be more,” Lafitte began. “But that isn’t the only potential danger we face. Each of you will need to keep an eye on the Selkie Royalty. This is our ship, and I intend to keep it that way. Their jurisdiction does not extend to us,” Lafitte continued.

“Further, if they do try anything, I want you to let me know and take steps to squelch it immediately. Understood?” Lafitte finished, and he took a minute for questions and answers, and when all were taken care of he adjourned his meeting.

No sooner had he done so than the voice of Peino Starhand called out near the boarding plank, “Ahoy, the ship!  Permission to come aboard, if you please.”

Lafitte walked down the boarding plank onto the floating platform himself. “Permission granted,” he said, starting to roll a cigarette. Thank god Larman finally stocked up, he thought. But when he looked up with a lit match he realized there were a few more people than he’d expected. Two of whom he recognized from the bar in Kledy. And recognized they were hostile.

“I apologize,” he began, taking a drag on the cigarette, “but I only prepared bunks for our group in the apartment, I didn’t realize more than four would be coming along…”


About Maurepas

I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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