Ch. 236. The Dream

“Well, my dear Y’lanna, I will not vouch for the future, but that past is well and truly behind you.”

“I wouldn’t have believed if you had, but yes, that’s the idea. Never look back and embrace the future, whatever it turns out to be.” Now that she had said it,  it was like a burden had been lifted and she could finally truly relax, especially now that it was just her and Ruili who turned her attention to the stars.  She looked up and gazed upon them.

“There is so much about this world that is foreign to me, but I shall have plenty of time to get used to all of it. In time, it will become my home, and then my past will be nothing but a dream, a bad dream that I’ve awoken from and is now over.”

Her eyes strayed back to Ruili as he winked at her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You’re right. Goodnight to you, son of the Duke. It shall be for me.” With that she set down to rest and quickly drifted off with the melodic sounds of the voice of her selkie escort paving the way to sleep.

That night she dreamt a dream It had been ages, since she was nothing more than a child, since she had a proper dream. It was calm and peaceful. She was back in her world in the stolen vessel far, far away from those who kept her in legal chains. Somehow she knew that there was no one that was coming to look for her. She had evaded the Cerebral Moon Navy and left them so far behind that even the most stout-hearted of chasers had given up in despair.

She was free. All that was left now was to set down and start a new life. A planet suddenly loomed ahead. It’s atmosphere was good and life was already abundant. She had found a strange new planet. A place different and very much unknown. She knew that there were going to be challenges and obstacles yet they didn’t matter. For the first time, they were her challenges and obstacles to face and her life to live.

As she entered, she could see and feel the vibrations as the ship started violently to shake and rock about, yet she remained eerily calm. She knew that this was nothing to worry about, that despite what was happening she was completely safe and calm, and that was where the dream ended as she woke up. They had arrived in the Serpent Strait, and the boat was getting tossed about in the rough seas and that was why she stirred. The water was choppy as well, causing the boat crash back down into the water almost every second.

Yet despite the apparent chaotic weather she had found a peace inside her that she didn’t know she had, and she looked to Ruili to give her instructions about how she could help get through this rough area.

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