Ch. 228. Nostalgia

Lafitte watched as the wizard traced out lines on a map. It reminded him of his time as a navigator aboard La Petit Moore, and when he’d plotted out courses in the Gulf of Mexico, for the brutal captain who’d pirated those waters. For some, such a memory might provoke pain or nostalgia, but for Lafitte? It merely made him crave a cigarette, as he’d always point out areas using the tip of the thing. He made a mental note to acquire more Selkie tobacco before his ship departed Sesus.

When Jeneyeru finished with his description, Lafitte was satisfied. It was similar to what he’d pictured, complete with bandits and raiders, who he hoped were flush with loot for him and his notorious brethren. Lafitte smiled and again brought his hand to his face, but discovering nothing there, he scowled. Shaking his head, he merely thought about the question Jeney had presented. “Yes, well, I believe tonight would be the optimal solution,” he said, mentally going through the necessary cargo that’d need to be stocked before the voyage. Lost in thought, he barely noticed the departure and formal farewell of the lawyer.

“For one, I feel my crew have been cooped in port for too long, and for another, we’ll make better time the sooner we begin,” he continued, gesturing towards the window and his ship floating just out of sight. “And besides, the dragons have poorer eyesight in the dark and won’t be on the hunt,” he said with a smile, taking a seat in a nearby chair and getting comfortable.

“Well, for the most part anyway,” he finished with a chuckle. Most elves feared the reptilian beasts (for good reason) and were frightened by the notion of tangling with their kind in the skies. Besting dragons and having proof of the endeavour as a quick testament of bravery and skill in the world of Aeldreth was something Lafitte had taken advantage of for some time when the occasion called for it.


About Maurepas

I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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