Ch. 227. Stepping Aboard.

The Guardian Cat was very different from the Wolf. That Cat‘s sleek lines, narrow form and hull gave Y’lanna a completely different impression of the Cat than she got off the Wolf. However, it didn’t really surprise her.  It looked as if it was designed for speed and speed alone, a concept that made sense to her comparative to the space vessels that she knew. Some were big, bulky and strong behemoths, others were small and nimble, while even others were designed to get maximum efficiency from their engines with little weight to be as fast as possible.

It seemed to be the same case on this world, just sailing through a different medium which required different properties.

Y’lanna stepped on board and found a place to be out of the way. It had little of the luxuries of the Wolf, and she could imagine that it could be quite rough, but this type of bunking was far closer to what she was used to on her own home world and she could cope with the rest. She had come to trust Ruili even though she had only known him a short time. He was completely unlike anyone from her world, and the journey shouldn’t be particularly dangerous.

As for Ruili’s question. “I’ve been in worse environs but never have I been in better company.” She responded with a wink of her own before settling down allowing the experienced sailors to  their jobs.

The word Navvies took a few moments for her to grasp. A shortened form of Navigators, obviously a slang term for The Grand Navigators. However, the word, apart from grasping that it was indicative that the ship belonged to some people or other, meant nothing to her. That, of course, was something that would change. She would start to understand a lot more of the world — its geography, peoples, how it worked, and its languages — but that would all be for a later date. Adventure was to be had.

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