Ch. 223. More than first appearances

Plesz, The Grand Navigators

She had to admit the temptation of the luxurious life was strong for Y’lanna. Simply waiting with no worries about food or board. No extravagant, grossly detailed and long work schedule. Just Y’lanna relaxing and making use of her time as she saw fit.

However, she also personally owed Ruili a lot. Not necessarily for rescuing her from the water, as that was his job, but for all the attention, care, hospitality and generosity that he had given her. It was a personal matter of pride as well as something that had been drilled into her in business ethics. You make sure your debts are paid. This was an opportunity for her to pay these debts at least in part. She couldn’t say how much of the debt would be paid until this adventure was over.

That night she had a good sleep. The bed was so much better than she had been used to, and she just melted away into the warm embrace of her dreams. The next morning, she got up bright and early, as that had been her sleeping pattern for the last forty-seven years. She had nothing to pack and take with her for the moment. Before she went with Ruili, she decided to have one last taste of luxury before hitting the seas.

She went downstairs to the shower or, “rainbath” as the locals called. Ms. Bodling had given her the instructions on how to use the system. She turned the handle and waited for the cold water to start running. The bathroom was full of mosaic tiles and little decorative pieces of art. She started to pump up the hot water and after a few minutes of adjusting the temperature she finally got it hot enough.

Rivers of water ran down her naked purple form as she relished in the simple yet satisfying pleasure of a relaxing shower. She wanted to drag this shower on for an eternity but, alas, time was against her. She stopped pumping and turned the faucet off. Drying herself off before sliding on a new set of clothes. Clothes that had just been delivered by the tailor and clothes that she should be wearing on her journey alongside.

Ten minutes later, she was out the door and inside a carriage on her way down to the waterfront to meet with Ruili.

La Danse Calinda, Sesus Harbour

Ionas couldn’t help but notice Beau making a show of his chores and sitting to a proper Selkie breakfast. It was odd for the Eorman to eat with the crew.  In fact, this seemed almost like an occasion, an event, it was that special. Of course, this had to mean that Beau was up to something or had been up to something but the gloved hands gave little away in terms of hints of what he had been up to during the previous night. Perhaps a little tentative with one of the hands but nothing that could be considered unexplainable. He was probably already doing some explaining to Larman Ogges about something anyway.

Having completed as much as possible in this cursed weather his chores, he sat down underneath the balloon and set to complete his ship watching diary of the ships that were in Sesus harbour.

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