Ch. 222. New Solutions for New Problems

Lord Nightwise’s offer surprised Lotye. For a few seconds, she just sat on the couch, trying to close her mouth again. This morning really had been an up and down of emotions. At first she had been set free, then learned that the gangs of Sesus were out for her and now a new chance opened. Hope rose and was crushed in such quick succession that she nearly expected some really bad “but” to follow the offer.

But instead it was just followed by the disclosure of Thimble’s unlawful background and the faerie trying to convince her of the merits of working for the State Magus. Merits she couldn’t deny seeing in this job either: she would get out of Sesus, would be able to earn money, more or less legally even. No longer would she have to hide from the law, no longer would she have to sleep in the worst dosshouses in Aeldreth . She would have powerful friends at her side, friends who had solved more than one of her problems already in only a few days and who now seemed to offer her the ultimate solution to all of her problems. It was nearly too goo to be true.

“As if some thugs in the streets of this city would care about what some high and mighty lords and kings think about their territories.”, Lotye muttered after Jeneyeru explained her that she was legally already out of Sesus, but it wasn’t disdain speaking out of her. She still didn’t really know what to think about his generous offer and even more so, didn’t know how to react to it. People had rarely been generous to her.

Of course taking his offer would also mean to give up her freedom to go wherever she wanted, at least for some time. She would have to answer to someone and to do as wished. By what she could tell, it would mean more danger and adventure lying ahead of her. At least the last thought here didn’t bother her. The others kind of did, though. While Jeneyeru spoke with the strange Captain about his even stranger sounding flying ship, all those ideas went through her head, but there wasn’t much of a conflict.

What she heard made her even more curious, in fact. She took a strand of her hair and twriled it, played with it while she listened Ships of the air, hunting down the demonic cards and going to Mt. Isolla. The place where the magic Guild was. A strange place for a run-away apprentice to go. Ah, by the gods …For a second it looked like she wanted to bang on the table, but she just shook her fist in front of her chest, showing that she had made her decision. Lotye smiled at Jeneyeru for a second and when she opened her mouth she sounded absolute certain in what she did. She only said two words:

“I accept.”

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