Ch. 217. Breakfast on the Calinda and a Midnight Ride

La Danse Calinda, Sesus Harbour

Ionas stirred wearily from what was his worst night of sleep ever since he had boarded the Calinda. He still had tasks and chores to do, things to check, and so he went about performing those jobs. He cursed his stupidity in looting the idol, but that was in the past and wallowing in it would not alleviate the wrath of Manawydden, and so he kept on with the duties.

Unlike yesterday, Ionas decided to stay on board the Calinda until it was time to set off in whatever direction the Captain ordered. It was to act as a self-imposed confinement to punish and chide himself over his stupidity and to keep himself from further encounters with “Aunt Jaelle” or other similar relatives who wanted to press him back into the service, duties and responsibilities of being the Scion of Ymuin — something that he couldn’t handle at this point.

Of course, he had breakfast. Hardtack and gruel, not that he didn’t have more options since they were in port and had more variety, but it had become Ionas’ standard meal. He had come to appreciate the bland, utilitarian nature of the food. Unencumbered by need for fancy presentation or other pretensions, it was simply there to provide nutrition, and that’s all Ionas wanted — to be unencumbered by the duties and position of nobility, its flash, pomp and benefits, and simply to be content with a single simple utilitarian position aboard La Danse Calinda.

Y’lanna & Ruili, Plesz

“Yes, let’s retire for the night,” Y’lanna responded as she said farewell to Osrel Lancewing and picked up her program for the evening that she had left on the chair where she had been.  Then she was ready.

She hadn’t seen a bicycle before, though it seemed from initial glance fairly straight forward, being driven by someone pushing pedals which drove a belt which drove the back wheel to push them forward, but she only contemplated it for a moment as she entered the rickshaw. She turned her attention to Ruili as she listened to all that he had to say.

She had finally seen what these cards could do and, no, she was not going to be left behind. Her previous employers had frequently left her behind and actively forbade her from doing anything for herself. This was not going to happen again. There was an adventure, and for once Y’lanna was going to be a part of it.

“Then let me come and help. Did you not just two seconds ago say how I helped against this beast? And anyway with more of these cards around, nowhere is safe until they are all rounded up. You couldn’t be certain of my safety, and I would only serve as a distraction.  At least this way you’ll know for certain. And anyway it will give me a chance to see more of this wondrous world of yours,” she  pleaded, finishing off with a smile, finishing off with a smile, on a positive note unlinked to any conflict or danger and yet ironic considering the broader context.

She hoped that this would be enough to convince Ruili to allow her to come with him on their adventure, but she still had more up her sleeve, so to speak, if the need arose.

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