Ch. 214. Taking Care

Y’lanna knew little of what was happening outside with Ruili and the beast. She was concerned but didn’t show it. She had been skilled in hiding her true feelings behind an impregnable poker face. However, she did find the tour rather interesting. The place did seem incredibly well laid out. It seemed amazing, when she managed to get on stage, that anyone could hear the actors at all.

Despite the lack of technology, they certainly weren’t primitive. Their designs and constructions were quite sophisticated. Even the system of ropes and pulleys to raise and lower props and set pieces was far more complicated than the rope and pulley implied.

This theatre had a lot of things that needed to go on behind the scenes to make a play work properly as intended. The lighting was fairly static in terms of fixed lights – chandeliers and such – with the option for colour filters, but they did dress things up a bit with some magical effects.

It was interesting to look at how everything came together to produce the play, even the dragon and associated effects. The suggestion that they take the narrow-twisting staircase up to the catwalk caused some concern for Y’lanna. She approached it in the wings, and it didn’t look all that stable. These people might be used to such flexible surfaces, but Y’lanna wasn’t. There was also the reason that she didn’t want to cause Ruili to worry. He hopefully should return soon and, with him taking his duties seriously, if she disappeared up into the rafters then he would most likely think the worst. That was something that she couldn’t do to him, she owed him so much.

Y’lanna hesitantly placed her foot on the first step and “tested” it. She already knew that she would decline and what she would say, but it was important to at least appear test it out. “I’m, uh, not sure. The stairs are far too unstable for my liking. I’m used to being on far more rigid constructions.”

She returned back into the middle of the stage, having disappointed Osrel Lancewing in their chance for privacy but now was not the time. Especially considering the situation with beast being unresolved or had it already been resolved? She glimpsed out the corner of her eye someone in the audience. She didn’t think there was anyone in that area when she went off stage, so she gave the person a second look. “Ruili?! Has the creature been dealt with?” she exclaimed with some surprise not expecting him back so soon, though he did look rather sore in the way he presented himself.

She stopped still as she looked out at the audience, not wanting to hurt Osrel’s ego unnecessarily by rushing off to be by Ruili but also rather concerned with how things were going. This was either good news, or really, really bad.

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