Ch. 204. A Theatrical Refuge

It can be strange just how much you can learn about people by their actions. Under her previous “employ,” the people had seemed outwardly honest — decent people working for their wage and, from their words there was nothing that had given any sense that things were not as they seemed. However, their actions told a completely different story. Ruthless negotiation and acquisition of property and wealth – these people sought any advantage they could at others expense and explained it away with the phrase, “It’s business, nothing personal.”

It was personal. It was all about them, and no one even rated a second thought beyond how they could abuse them and take what they had for themselves. This is completely contrasted by Ruili. Sure, he said he took his duty for the city and those under his care seriously, but that was words.  It was his actions that confirmed that he really did mean it.

The way he drew his sword and took charge of the security force of the city, whatever it was called, and took matters into his own hands — but in doing so, he didn’t neglect his duty for Y’lanna either. Ruili had delegated responsibility for her to someone who was able to be there with her and actually be able to look after her should the need arise. Not that she needed to be looked after, but it was still his duty and responsibility so he made sure it was completed.

One final thought was that, despite all the down-playing and insulting of each other’s plays and other phrases that would normally be considered verbal character assassination, the actions again said something, at least about Ruili. That Ruili respected Osrel Lancewing, if not as a playwright, at least as a rival, for he gave responsibility to the person whom he most respected. If he didn’t respect Osrel then there was no chance that he would have given responsibility for her to him.

“You two have an interesting relationship, you and Ruili,” she commented to Lancewing, deciding that she had to do something now that the play was over and they couldn’t leave for their own safety.

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