Ch. 199. A Wild and Stormy Night

-Plesz, The Grand Navigators-

Y’lanna’s responses to the questions had become almost rote by now. The same questions getting asked over and over, though on occasion there was a new one which did alleviate the boredom. She was quite diplomatic in her opinions of the play as the author asked her about it, balancing the rivals.

“Relying on the Dragon’s Tongue amulet to understand the words does make it hard to understand and enjoy any play, but I am certainly enjoying the theatre experience and I look forward to experiencing more of the theatre in the future.”

The two rival playwrights started up their friendly banter again only to be cut short as horror unfolded.  She obliged Ruili’s request, knowing that she wasn’t in a position to confront anything. She wasn’t armed, unlike what seemed like quite a few of the theatre’s guests, Ruili included.

She  watched as the monstrous creature which had elements of animals that she knew but mangled together, enlarged. She could feel the fear emanating from the creature and affecting those around. It wasn’t a normal thing, how it could it have been? How could a creature like that make its way into the heart of the city?  If it was normal then surely they would have known how to deal with it, but everyone just seemed to be in a panic.

As quickly as it appeared, it soon disappeared, as it ran off as the guardians approached. Ruili was there beside Y’lanna; he needn’t have been worried about her.

“Be careful, it literally exudes fear. Don’t let it scare you into submission. I’ll stay here. I’m no warrior but you go. I’ll be fine.”

With that statement she both re-assured and gave her approval to taking the creature down. A creature like that is a weapon of terror and the quicker it’s dealt with the better it is. A show of force would be required to comfort and reassure people after all this had been done.

-La Danse Calinda, Sesus Harbour-

Ionas was dripping wet as he arrived back home, aboard the Calinda. He gave himself a quick dry down before entering his hammock — though he couldn’t sleep.  The events of the day and the sound of the rain, each drop as it hit the wooden ship, echoed through his mind, making his guilty conscience feel worse. Guilty for being stupid but also for putting his shipmates through this wrathful rain.

It was some time with more than half of the night already gone that finally he managed to drift off to sleep. He was drained by all that he encountered that day as well as the weight of his conscience on his soul.

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