Ch. 189. Noise at the Theatre and Short of Sight

-Plesz, The Grand Navigators-

The theatre was apparently the social place to be. Y’lanna was still finding her feet in terms of social context of this new world, so she remained quiet yet attentive to the chatting around her. She smiled in response to the comment regarding the amulet and not being able to understand what was happening because of the writer of the play.

Nevertheless, it was clear that the Lord High Admiral did enjoy the theatre and it was some light-hearted jab at a rival writer. A naval-warrior-poet, stranger things than this existed so she returned to observing and listening. The “overture” was some kind musical amalgam of the score introducing the flow and themes of the music that accompanied the show.

The noise of discussion once again started to rise as the overture continued on, and once the play started the discussion continued. On the Cerebral Moon, you’d be entertained by the imagery and sound right in your face so to speak, and people would watch in silence.  Not so here. The spectacle wasn’t at the level of a proper action blockbuster, so she could sort of understand the need for additional stimulation even with the effects added, presumably, via magical or other mundane methods. The style of show was that of a hero who went outside the rules to counter corruption and crime, but it didn’t really translate well for her knowing what action movies can provide. For a live show, however, with no edits or post production, it was certainly a good attempt at the genre.

She could piece together some sort of story, a massive war and some elements of the ploy, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time but, yes, a vast lot of the story and elements did pass her by. If there was one good thing to come out of this, she had resolved to learn the language, to read and write this Aeldrethian language.

She smiled once again as Ruili turned to her. As an education exercise it was working and she didn’t want him to feel that she wasn’t getting anything out of this when in fact she was.

-Sesus, Rauragia-

Ironic, yes, that both his captain and the State Magus had said those words… short-sighted. He was Ionas Farseer…. he saw things in the distance no one else could.  In this case, however, he had to admit his fault. “It wasn’t my wisest decision, no.”

There was nothing more that he could say.  He couldn’t really defend his decision as he should have realised what it was and what it had meant. Even this Lotye O’Tulvar, a petty criminal, would probably have known better. He sighed at himself as her attorney, Peino and Jeneyeru discussed matters. It didn’t matter at all until they insisted that Lafitte needed to stay in the embassy as well. That was not only surprising, but he could only imagine Lafitte’s response to such a demand. Especially considering the “arrest” that Peino declared for Lafitte as they entered the embassy.

The question wasn’t if Lafitte would consider this a form of being taken prisoner.  That seemed a given.  The question was how would Lafitte respond to it?

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