Ch. 187. A Change of Fortune

The story of how she came to be to be here was well known to Lotye. Maybe she even could have added a few details to Jeneyeru’s retelling of it. She didn’t, mainly because she was too tense and worried about what would happen next. So she just sat there, hanging her head low, not really listening to what Lord Nightwise said, but yet being painfully aware of the people around her.

While she knew the story, Peino and the two other men in the room didn’t. Their, or rather, his, reactions were what would tell her about her future. Still, no matter how attentive she was, she only realised that the prince was looking at her a moment after his brother had stopped talking. In a last attempt to show that she wasn’t weak, she tried to hold his gaze, raising her head and wrinkling her nose indifferently. But even she knew that it was a lie. She looked down again, before Peino even completed his sentence.

Only to look up again when he did. Everything seemed to take an unexpected turn. Innocent victim … They’ll help my defence. Maybe it’s not always as bad as you think it is. Her face lighted up the longer the two brothers spoke. A letter to the prosecutor in support of Lotye, signed by Lord Jeneyeru Nightwise, State Magus of the grand Navigators. That alone would help her chances in court greatly. And even though she had only little understanding of what a letter of service meant for her, she was certain that it wouldn’t hurt either. When the Prince winked at her, Lotye wanted to jump up and hug him. Of course, she didn’t. Not in a place like that, not a man who was so far above her.

Instead, she just bowed her head and the corners of her mouth raised again to form a smile. Her simple “Thank you” was nearly drowned out by the storm and thunder outside, but she meant it. She was thankful to both Ereonis brothers with every part of her being.

From that point on, Lotye returned her attention to the conversation around the coffee table. She listened to the story of the unlucky lookout and Manawydden’s curse on him that now raged outside the building. Now, after her own problem was taken care of for at least some time, his seemed strangely surreal. Well, at least I’m not the only thief bringing misfortune onto oneself.

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