Ch. 184. Inopportune Revelations

With the cards gone and safely stored in their box, Ionas could breathe slightly easier with the weight of their presence gone. He looked down at himself.  His shirt was dripping wet and so were his britches, but he didn’t expect to be “seen to” by Thimble. After a quick triage, he would find himself with clean set of britches and shirt.  His boots would have to be dried as well, but he did look much more presentable now than he did with the wet clothes, though it didn’t particularly matter to him what he looked like, beyond out of respect for the Prince and his brother. If he did care, he would have taken his Aunt’s offer to at least get some new clothes.

The replacement clothes were fine enough and were no problem for the lookout of noble birth. He returned to the main salon with his dry outer clothes and nibbled on some of the fishbone snacks. However, he was stopped in his tracks as Jeneyeru and Peino had seemingly worked out what indeed was going on with the storm. Manawydden — it was Ionas who had offended the god and who was responsible for the downpour, but what to do?

Should he just keep quiet and hope that it would be forgotten? Or should he just confess? Peino was one of the few people that Ionas really cared about what they thought of him for the simple reason that he was the Selkie that Ionas wanted to be.  But he didn’t have the skills, the physique, or the leadership abilities that his hero had so it was merely a pipe dream. The question was should he be up-front and risk an immediate response before they had a chance to really get to know each other, or take the risk that Ionas would be able to hide the truth from Peino and his brother unitl they got to know him better?

He had to make up his mind very soon, otherwise the moment to speak up would be gone and he would be forced into the later option. He waited as the brothers responded to Loyte and decided that the time was now. He didn’t want to lie to Peino, even if it was by omission.

“As for the storm…. I know who earned Manawydden’s wrath and how they did it. On board the Reputation there was a carved figure on its main mast. I took it with me back aboard the Calinda, and I discovered what it was too late to make any difference. It was a totem for Manawydden to bring good sailing weather for the ship. I was only able to confirm this with Tayliana, our ship’s wizard, last night. I just haven’t had the opportunity to tell you, Captain.”

There he went, revealing what had happened to all those around.  Now, his captain, Peino Starhand, Jeneyeru Nightwise and this Loyte O’Tulvar knew. He looked to see how his captain, but also how Peino, would react to this revelation.

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