Ch. 179. Wet Entry

The rain, despite being hard, felt good.  He was used to being out in the wind and the rain and, as a selkie, he was a sea elf so the cold of the water did not affect him all that much. But perhaps most importantly he was facing whatever the god Manawydden was dishing out to him. After stupidly stripping the idol from the mast, he should have known better but, oh well, too late to undo what was done.

Ionas was entering a trance, but he was able to notice the group rushing towards the embassy — although much later than he would have if he was actually paying attention.

“Captain, Prince Starhand! I need to speak with you,” he exclaimed as he started to rush and meet up with them before they made it to the guard’s post so he could become a part of the group. He didn’t want to go through all that process again of waiting to be admitted and so this was the best option available.

As for the other two people in the group of four, he only recognised one. “Master Nightwise, an Honour.” Of the famous Ereonis triplets, only one would wear clothing such as this, the State Magus of The Grand Navigators. This other lady, however, was very odd.  She was wearing simple clothes and had the bearing of a performer, or perhaps a merchant. Maybe a performing merchant. He wasn’t sure but how was she a part of this group did raise a lot of questions in Ionas’ mind.

He pondered introducing himself but decided to wait until they were in a private room. The Prince was annoyed with his captain for some reason, most likely something to do with manners but fortunately that didn’t translate to annoyance with him, and he was allowed to join the group and enter the embassy with the Prince.

“I am Ionas Farseer Ymuin, lookout on <i>La Danse Calinda</i>.” He started off introducing himself officially to those that he hadn’t actually met before as they made they made their way into the embassy proper.

“If you would before we split up to get dried off…I found these cards, and I’m sure you’ll want to hear what I have to say next…” From there on he started telling the story of the pub that he entered (leaving out why he did so) and noticing a man in a mask during the Feast of the Triumvirate who wasn’t celebrating, which was odd, and from there he described what he saw and did until picking up the cards and finding his way to the embassy. He gave the impressions of what he saw and as many details about the men that he could see before finally finishing up with the phrase, “I thought I better bring these to you before I informed the Guardians which should be told of this man’s death.”

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