Ch. 178. As Pretty as a Violet

Everything seemed so nice and decorated, Y’lanna felt like an honoured guest — something that she couldn’t quite grasp why. All she had “accomplished” was to crash her shuttle into the sea. It had been far better than any alternative. The bedroom was decorated well, and there was a brief moment where she could hardly believe her fortunes for literally landing in Ruili’s lap and having all this ready for her.

It wasn’t long until they hit the town, and it seemed that Ruili had totally ignored her previous protestations by heading to the tailors. Though to be fair, it was his option to extend his hospitality as far as he wished. Y’lanna was certainly not going to make a stand and reject such clothing.  After all no one had ever done something even remotely altruistic for her before. She did appreciate the gesture, but — well, at least it was clear she did not expect it to actually happen.

A flurry of tailors came as she was bombarded with choices, options and decisions. Which colours to go with, the fabric, the style. There were a lot of decisions that she needed to make where she wasn’t used to making such decisions on her own. She admittedly was a bit overwhelmed but dared not show it. At least Y’lanna didn’t have to make a decision.  She was clear in her own mind what she wanted.

She came up with a simple elegant style in a sort of peach tone to offset her purple skin, something to put the focus on Y’lanna herself and not the clothing. Something that was seductive but classy at the same time. Something that said “I am beautiful and you may look but if you want me as a partner you must meet a very high standard.”

Y’lanna had a lot that she didn’t know about this world, its fashions and social standards of dress, but she knew that the tailors, the professionals in this world, could understand what she wanted and create something suitable as a result. As for the immediate night’s clothes, fortunately, the options were far more limited. She decided to go with the iridescent silk, a better item of clothing for evening wear in her estimations, considering they were going to go out on the town afterwards.

“The theatre sounds delightful. Live theatre is not something we have on the Cerebral Moon, but we do have something similar we call movies. The best way I can think of describing them are a series of rapidly shifting images to give the illusion of movement with an accompanied recording of sound. I am not sure what to expect from the entertainment experience, but there is only one way to find out.” She offered a mischievous grin along with her comment.

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