Ch. 171. A Stormy Awakening

Time ticked past so slowly for Ionas. His eyes were assaulted by the blandness of the ante-chamber. There was no intricate detailed wood or metal work. Nothing at all to focus on as he waited.

Eventually, Ionas entered into a daze, almost a trance-like state as he waited. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed but he was awakened by a roll of thunder and the sound of pelting rain. The rain was unwelcome because it reminded him of his stupid mistake, but he had to admit there was a sort of perverse pleasure he gained imagining “Aunt” Jaelle running through Sesus dripping wet. She was technically his first cousin once removed, his parent’s first cousin, but according to family tradition they had to be called “Aunts” or “Uncles” out of respect for elder members of the family.

The rain, even though he was inside, felt like an oppressive weight was bearing down on him. He scolded himself for thinking those bad things about his aunt. She meant well, but he wasn’t ready to fill the position she wanted him to. He didn’t feel he would ever be, so restricted by the expectations and the plans that were laid before him. No he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. He was not the Selkie they needed to fill that role.

Ionas stepped out into the rain, facing the furious downpour, as if to accept the punishment of the god and own it. Ionas believed he had many flaws and standing out in the pelting rain was enough to punish himself. This was why he doesn’t like returning to Sesus, because of all that it reminded him of. His failure as a Scion and his darker side were something that Ionas wanted to flee from, hence why he eventually joined with Lafitte. But that wasn’t an option now, considering his captain was elsewhere.

The question now was what was he going to do? Return to the Calinda to see if the Captain had returned, or wait a bit longer for the Prince? He remained out in the rain while he would make his decision.

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