Ch. 165. Tea, Crumpets and Decisions

Taking the offered seat, Y’lanna smiled at Ruili, accepting the poured tea and pausing to smell its strange aroma. The “minnow crisps” were something totally foreign to her as she pondered what to take and eat. Back on the Cerebral Moon, food was far more processed than it was here.  Sure she knew what fish were and did, but eating one that hadn’t been de-boned let alone processed into a paste was completely unknown. Not that she would have been able to have any, as the economically abused indentured servant she was.

Instead she looked for something else.  If the minnow crisps were savoury then the plum buns and honey crumpets were sweet. It was a toss-up.  In the end, she decided to go with a honey crumpet. As for what to do next, she hadn’t really thought about it up to now.  Having taken a bite of her crumpet she put it down on a plate. Her musings, however, were disrupted by the appearance of the Lord High Admiral’s doctor.

Doctor, healer… the terms were, theoretically anyway, synonymous, though one more implied a deep intellectual understanding of the biological mechanisms of a living creature and the other was more of an understanding of a collection of herbs, their effects on the body and other esoteric measures.  Magical healing would not seem out of place, especially with the term of healer over doctor.

She watched with an interest as the healer and her patient interacted amongst each other. Ruili was not a stranger to fights.  In fact, there seemed to be some fairly major scarring and obviously some muscle pain left over from some otherwise healed injury. Some presumably appropriate doctorly advice given, and then the healer was off again.

“I don’t want to impinge any more on the already bountiful generosity that you and your family have shown me. I shall make do with what I have but seeing as you have to keep a watch over me and make sure I behave myself,” Y’lanna added a smile with the last sentence just to make sure that Ruili it was merely intended as a light-hearted reference to their current situation, “It would be good if I could see more of Plesz, get a feel for the place, if indeed it is going to become my new home.”

There was a lot about this world that she was going to have to get used to, but for the first time a long time she had agency, the freedom to decide what she wanted to do — to the appropriate limits, which obviously she would learn over time.

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