Ch. 152. An Empty Embassy

Despite having been gone for the past ten years (only two of which were aboard La Danse Calinda) Ionas still knew the city very well, especially in this central district. There had been some changes here or there but nothing major, and he soon found himself just outside the embassy of The Sovereign Duchy of The Grand Navigators.

Outside the building stood the red-coated guards, gold buttons and blue denoting their status and role. Ionas approached the guards.  They responded with the predictable.

“Halt! Do you have business here at the Embassy, sir?”

“Yes, I do, with the Prince, Peino Starhand, in regards to a matter involving Captain Lafitte. I am Ionas Farseer Ymuin, Scion of Ymuin. It is important that I speak with him as soon as possible.”

The guard at first simply stared and blinked at Ionas. Lafitte was quite an unusual name. “Wait here,” the guard stated as he pulled a bell rope that hung down near the entrance to the Embassy. That was all he did, and Ionas waited for something to happen. A minute later something did, the door opened and an extremely slender eorman appeared.

“Hmmm, yes?” the eorman asked the guard.

“This man says he has business with the Prince,” he said gruffly with a slight hint of amusement as if to say, “Aye, good luck seeing him.”

“I see…” the eorman replied, casting a critical eye over Ionas in his rough clothes with an odd look of disbelief that this sailor would have business with the Prince.

“Alright, Name?” the eorman asked as he reached out his hand expecting to be handed a visiting card. None was forthcoming.

“Ionas Farseer Ymuin,” Ionas stated keeping his hands by his side. The odd look that the eorman gave turned into a look of disgust. “No visiting card?” he asked almost in disbelief.

“Sorry, no.”

The eorman snorted to himself before replying, “Come into the hall and wait there until I can confirm your business and ascertain if His Serene Highness is in.”

The hall was exactly that relatively small entrance hall in the building. Ionas wasn’t allowed properly inside, and there was a bored guard there waiting to make sure that he stayed put.

Time passed as he waited for some kind of response, and eventually he got one. “His Highness is not here,” the eorman said as he reappeared.

“I shall wait for him then,” Ionas simply stated.

The eorman looked at Ionas oddly one more time before shaking his head. “If you want  to waste your time, then I guess you are free to do so.”

And finally with that he disappeared.  Ionas started to think of another use of the cards. He could use them to get some payback on Aunt Jaelle or possibly use them to gain access to the embassy, though with the magical protections that were woven into the building’s construction, he wondered if they would even work.

No, he couldn’t.  He’d have to wait for Peino anyway and, really, he left Sesus in the first place to get away from doing that sort of thing so no, there was not any chance that he would use them for anything. The quicker he got them to Peino, the better.

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