Ch. 147. Princes and Pawns

Plaza of the Dovecotes

Lafitte watched his First Mate go down at a push from Peino Starhand. He wasn’t entirely sure whether he should be angry or not at the Selkie. On the one hand, Beau was a member of his crew and one of his friends, but on the other, he had trespassed into a private party here.

He decided to split the difference and threw back his head with a laugh. “Well, I suppose he did need a bath”, and then he mock-pushed Peino in the same fashion. That didn’t get much of a response out of the Prince as his brother pulled out a small object that looked like a compass. Now that could come in handy, he thought as Jeneyeru explained what the compass did.

Of course, Lafitte should not have been surprised.  This was a world with magic, and presumably they had ways of dealing with most of these difficulties. And others of their desire as well, he thought.  After all, that was what he was on this mission for, to protect his ship from more of these magical creatures.

Not long after, however, they had docked near a plaza near in the center of Sesus. “That storm’s been dogging me longer than that,” Lafitte replied to Peino, as he pulled down his mask. “I’ve been outrunning it since we got loose o’those Spriggans,” and with that they were on their way towards a caravan, following the girl, Lotye.

Lafitte knew next to nothing about her, and it occurred to him that it was a little odd to be following a young girl with a compass to a destination in the city. Fate has a way of things, he thought, as they passed a fruit stand, and several different locations until she perked up and sent them down an alleyway. Well, he thought, if I was gonna peddle stolen goods, this is where I’d do it.

The Embassy Harbour

Shoulda seen that comin’, thought Beau Bergeron as he floated idly in the water, Damn Selkie blue blood, but it was no matter. Though he hadn’t accomplished his primary goal of spying on the proceedings, he’d succeeded in the more immediate problem of eluding the guardians.

After a while, when he was relatively certain that both the lawmen as well as the muggers had forgotten his existence, he swam up to a small dock and climbed up.

“Haha! Nice day for a swim, eh!?” he heard as he pulled himself up, “Better watch out, that canal’s not great for bathing, what with the elf waste and all,” the squat dwarf continued between his guffaws, loading up trash bins.

“Yeah, yeah,” Beau said, “And I’m sure even with a bath like that I’d smell better than your mother,” he retorted. Beau didn’t stick around for any retaliation, as he made a quick pace for La Danse Calinda. He wasn’t afraid of any falling out with the Selkies, as long as Lafitte stayed in their good graces. The King didn’t need as much contact as the Pawns.

With his mission a failure, he decided he would await the return of the Captain in his quarters, planning his next move.

Posted for Maurepas, with permission, due to technical difficulties at his house.

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