Ch. 141. Two Threads

The Land Lords, Plesz

What a rather inopportune time to have come. Zonelogers didn’t really have festivals of their own. There wast that yearly wealthiest citizen ceremony, however, which only a certain number of people celebrated. Among the people who did were her former bosses-slash-owners, but that was behind her now.  The only thing was to work out what to do about it.

She didn’t expect for Ruili to step in once again and resolve the situation.  It couldn’t have just been attraction.  No, this was more — he was being kind, generous and respectful. She was originally thinking that the way he responded was some kind of crush beyond the rescuing in which he was simply doing his job, but no.  She had figured it out.  He really was just looking out for her best interests because it was the right thing to do.

She knew that she owed him a great personal debt, but how could she repay him? It’s not like a prince of the Duchy would need anything from her.  In fact, she was getting her needs from him. She had nothing whatsoever at this moment that would suffice for such a debt, but she would be looking out for such an opportunity.

Y’lanna followed after Ruili once again. “Thank you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything that you have done, you and your families’ generous hospitality.” Waiting to see the place where she would be spending the next couple of days.

Sword and Club, Sesus

It was just Ionas enjoying his not so quiet drink alone, but he kept watching that figure – the one conspicuously not enjoying his drink with his mask and hood trying to hide from existence itself.

A new man entered.  They engaged in some brief chat.  He couldn’t hear — their voices were low, and Ionas was too far away.  The general din of the inn didn’t help either. The hooded man moved his beer to reveal the paper, some more hidden discussion, and then the man flipped over to a different section, the gossip pages. Ionas managed to get a decent glimpse as the pages were turning over.

A bit more discussion, and then they started to look around.  Ionas had at that moment been drinking from his mug, and so it didn’t  look like he was paying attention to them, and with that they got up and left together.

Something was definitely up, something untoward, otherwise why else would they take the measures they had to hide their identities from the world? As soon as they were headed into the entryway and out of direct sight, Ionas got up and deftly made his way around the chairs. Picked up the newspaper folded it up and made his way outside, slowing in the doorway so he could get his bearings and locate the quarry.

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