Ch. 138. Taking the Plunge

A swim hadn’t been the ideal solution of Beau Bergeron.  He had been planning to kill the lot and claim they attempted to rob him. The truth. However, when the guards showed early and the thugs seized the opportunity to take the moral high ground, the other option seemed to best suit.

Fils de pute, he thought sourly, his mind made up for him.  He looked behind for a moment, ever so slightly, to plot the best route to safety when he saw it. On a black gondola, he saw the unmistakable sight of Captain Jean Lafitte III, and though masked, he imagined he could make out Peino Starhand on the vessel as well. Finally, things starting to look up, he thought.  The whole time he’d been attempting to get a positive read on his Captain, and now fate seemed to deliver him into his hands.

The trick being, how best to get there? If he swam for it, he didn’t think he’d catch them.  Yelling for them seemed a bit direct, and he certainly wasn’t about to give himself up to a jail cell. Gonna have to jump for it, he figured.  He’d also have to make sure Lafitte saw his face, while concealing the same from the guardians.

“Well gents, it seems the gods work in mysterious ways,” he said, removing the mask as he bowed, taking care to ensure his features were not seen by his adversaries. “And as such, I believe it is time to be making my leave,” he said, a gloved hand readying his palmed knife.

Then, in one quick motion, he threw the knife at the arm of the lead assailant, pivoted and jumped. As he sailed through the air down the distance to the gondola, he had a brief moment of horror that he might not make it until he slammed down hard on the center of the boat.  Losing his footing, he smashed his head on the side and instinctively grabbed the knee of the nearest person, who turned out to be a woman, for balance.

Placing the mask in an inside jacket pocket he grimaced internally, struggling to stand in the narrow area reserved for leg room in the gondolas, and said, “Well it just be raining sailors in Sesus, eh?” as he put on his best smile.


About Maurepas

I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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