Ch. 134. The Cheery Inn

Sword and Club, Sesus

Ionas found himself smiling and becoming happy.  This was the true Feast of the Triumvirate, a celebration of commerce and having good times. Even the be-masked revelers too drunk or exhausted to continue — they reminded him of some of his exploits as a newly minted adult during this festival time.

The scene, the music and the dancing were real, far separate from the fake and futile nobility seeking fame. Everything that he hated about being a noble and the social etiquette thereof were a mere distant memory. However, there was something that stood out. Someone who wasn’t celebrating. Someone who was trying to hide under his hood.

Ionas didn’t see him until he started his way back from the bar with his drink, but the sullen, lonely person stood out amongst all this cheer and joint celebration. This hooded and masked person was well hidden, perhaps a bit too well hidden. He wasn’t a noble, or a visitor who was trying to have a good time, nor a celebrating local.

Whatever he was, he was trying too much to be incognito.  Perhaps he had run into something and was “licking his wounds” so to speak or simply hiding out in the bar from the guardians. The question was what to do about it now? Ionas had picked up as many identifiers as he could, his clothing, approximate weight and height. For now, he just decided to continue and enjoy his drink and see what would happen in regards to this man.

Land Lords of the Grand Navigators, Plesz

Another lot of bureaucracy, but surely the worst of it was over. All that had to be done was find a place for her to stay. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy.

“If there is nothing else available then an inn will do fine for now,” She said to the increasingly frantic clerk. She looked over at Ruili.  “It will be only be for a short time, and what better way to learn about life here than to mingle with people at a bar? And it’s rather fitting, if you think about it. My rather uncertain status and rather uncertain accommodation. Thank you for stepping up on my behalf, but making him nervous will not suddenly magic up a new house, or accommodation now will it?”

If she had to tell the full truth now, she would have to admit that even a room at an inn was probably bigger than her room on the Cerebral Moon, which basically had consisted of a bed, a small light stand and a small cupboard with her limited clothing and barely enough room for another person to stand in it, let alone room to move about and do anything.

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