Ch. 128. A Sought Refuge

Ionas was seeking more than an escape from an overbearing aunt. The Sword and Club would certainly make a fine refuge in that regard for she would not dare step foot in a place like this lest she get dirty or, worse, be seen entering such a place. There was also, however, something else that refuge needed to be sought from, the storm that was building. It had chased them across the sea and now had settled over Sesus. The sky was getting darker as the storm was becoming somewhat foreboding.

Whether the Sword and Club would be a decent shelter from the storm was yet unknown, but it seemed other people had taken refuge in this place at well. Most, from initial impressions, were labourers of some kind taking advantage of their free time, though perhaps a few were strangers who were either lost or hiding, as well as some actual disreputable clientele. The Feast attracted all sorts to the city.

That assessment he couldn’t help making.  He just noticed things, but it wasn’t why he was here. He was here for a drink.  He pondered ordering some of the seafood available but decided against it.  It wasn’t all that long till lunch, being late in the first quarter, nearing midday, and unlike the drink he needed, food could wait.

He ordered a tankard of the familiar briny mead favoured so much by Selkies the world over. Placing his payment down on the bar, he retreated to a table to sit and have his drink in peace. The idea that the storm was following them because he had upset Manawydden by removing the idol from the Reputation and the reminder of all the family expectations that had been laid on him were a burden, and he couldn’t help but think of the worst case scenarios should weather events occur and damage or destroy the Calinda and/or injure or kill him and his crewmates.

He would have to find the Captain, head to the Grand Navigators, and get an answer once and for all about what the storms mean — and perhaps start a quest or something to reverse it, should it be a curse. That was the main thing occupying his mind as Ionas started on his mead.

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