Ch. 127. Answers

Y’lanna didn’t really know what to say in response to Ruili’s surprise at how she had bundled her questions up. She shrugged to the Lord Admiral. “It’s just the way I process information I guess.”

No one had commented on this before back on the Cerebral Moon, and in fact from what she could tell, the way she processed and bundled information was almost exactly the same as other people (taking into account variance between individuals of course). Just one of the many small and large differences between Aeldreth and the Cerebral Moon.

She listened intently as Ruili explained about the Duchy, the Duke and Duchess, and the ducal residence. “So it’s like a type of Kingdom then?”

There had been a Kingdom on the Cerebral Moon before the Zonelogers settled on the planetoid, so the concept of a Kingdom and hereditary rule was not an entirely foreign concept.  In fact, it was part of the history that her mothers had taught her while she was still growing up.

Only a very small minority of Zonelogers and other species were religious,  There just wasn’t any reason to believe that there were gods, though some would always stick to some out-dated philosophy or set of superstitions. She’d have to remind herself to start researching about these gods here, though. Being as active as they were politically and generally, it seemed to be a necessity just to understand what is going on. She didn’t have anything to add on this subject.  It seemed fairly straightforward, though something so foreign to her instincts.

The Daemon Arcana was described in a fairly vague sense.  He didn’t tell her what they did, but Y’lanna felt that he didn’t need to. The cards obviously were nothing good, potentially likened to the magic version of a weapon of mass destruction and relativistic kill vehicles and other similiar weapons that don’t only kill large numbers of people and destroy things but also cause large numbers of non-lethal casualties and related difficulties to continuing to live in such an environment.

If the cards were as dangerous as they seemed to be then, if they had been “freed” from the Vault, that was indeed very worrying and no wonder Ruili was uneasy about them.  But there was a lingering question.

“Couldn’t the cards be destroyed some way?” she pondered aloud.

If the cards could be created then surely there was also a way for them to be disassembled, but perhaps not.  After all, she had no idea how this magic worked so it was simply intuition. However, she had said everything she had intended to say and agreed to follow Ruili and start the process to find somewhere for her to live.

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