Ch. 126. Tea and Thieves

Thieves of the Temple Road

When Beau stopped to think about it, he was fairly surprised no one had taken a shot at him already, lost in thought as he was. Therefore it was really no shock that upon his mistaken trip around back of the Embassy he ran into some muggers. Though he’d blindly run into the guard, as an assassin, he never lost sight of his person.  A pickpocket would’ve found themselves with a broken hand or worse.

A mugging was different, though.  He couldn’t just crush the would-be criminal and move on.  A mugger was probably up for a knock-down, drag-out fight, the kind of fight that would draw unwanted attention. The kind of attention a man like Beau, tailing another man, would definitely want to avoid. So it was that, when confronted with the possibility of putting his skills to the test, he decided it more prudent to attempt a different course of action.

Taking care to imperceptibly palm a knife from his pocket, he looked to the lead mugger of the pair. His mask was not unlike those of the other festival goers, though of clearly less opulence than even his own, its jewels clearly fake and the mask itself having an almost plastic-like quality (though he wasn’t entirely sure plastic even existed in this world).  However, from a distance, the mask would be unmistakable, their garb of similar common clothes but of poorer quality, just enough to get by.

“My apologies,” he said, “if this be not my piss-house, I’d be interested in getting back to the one that is,” he said, “perhaps over by the guards around the corner there, the ones listening in for any kind of noise indicating a struggle near their embassy.”

He pulled back his jacket to reveal another of his assassin’s knives purchased from a member of Aeldreth’s own Assassins Guild.

“I’d hate to have to ruin their good day…”

Upstairs with the Wizard

Lafitte smiled as Jeneyeru seemed to take hold of his wit. So few in Aeldreth would let their hair down, so to speak, to appreciate it.

He deftly avoided answering the question of his origins, now not being the time or place, as well as the fact that he had a tendency to be laughed at as a madman whenever he bothered to reveal the true story. That said, it was quite difficult to avoid thinking this Lord Nightwise already knew despite not letting on. The man’s eyes seemed to have a piercing quality, like they could read souls.

Lafitte shuddered internally but kept it to himself.  Once one began to believe in magic it was time to throw things like fear of the soul out the window. “Lure? I guess you could call it that. I’m not sure how, but I got a feel for what that card was like…what it could do. I didn’t find it very alluring though, to be quite honest, more horrifying.” he said, sipping at his own tea.

When the Wizard mentioned his own Tayliana he would’ve answered in the affirmative that they could meet. Hell, she might even enjoy meeting a man as experienced as this one seemed to be, but Jeneyeru seemed to be more talking to himself than actually putting in for the request, rambling on until the moment was gone.

“Yes, I am offering my services towards the endeavour, though if you don’t mind me saying, I intend to chase the things down regardless,” he said at the question. “As I said, I don’t relish the idea of more of the things falling into even more wrong hands. What I’m after is a lead or guide to doing so,” he finished.

At that point Peino returned to the scene, and Lafitte chuckled at Nightwise’s own teasing.  The Prince, however, was soon down to business, adding a description and a name to the creatures produced by the cards he’d fought.

“So that’s what you call it,” Lafitte replied, more to himself than anything else. At that point, Jeneyeru seemed to call the meeting to a close, and their party rose to a stand.

“None in the world…”


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