Ch. 122. Sesan Follies

Ionas was still up in the rigging of the Calinda.  He still hadn’t made up his mind what to do, but the ship was absolutely bare in terms of crew. Most would have found a nearby tavern and probably were drunk already, and the others would have found a brothel. Without anyone to talk to or take an interest inm it was extremely boring, and so in the end, Ionas’ choice was simple. He would go and enter Sesus.

After climbing down, disembarking, and entering Sesus proper, he received a bit of a surprise.  He had totally forgotten that it was the time for the Feast of the Triumvirate, a perfect analogy for the ridiculousness and futility of nobility and the desire to be famous but have appropriate decorum at the same time.

The nobles wanted to be famous, and so they started to dress up in all sorts of fashion, the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous, just to be in the gossip pages about their clothes. If that was the extent of the Feast, then that would be one thing.   The need for the appearance of decorum, anyway, meant they at the same time appeared with masks on to hide their identities. After a few years, others started to follow their example and just have fun with it.

However, no one thought about how this whole farce was essentially guaranteeing futility. Either the concept of the mask worked and the individual noble’s identity was hidden, making the whole idea of dressing up to become famous futile, or the mask didn’t work and they got famous, making the whole point of using the mask to provide decorum absolutely futile.

It was sad.  In fact, Ionas was thinking of returning back to the Calinda when he noticed something. Aqua, and was that their house’s emblem? Only one person he knew of in House Ymuin would be such a fashion-tragic that they would utilise the house colour and emblem on their clothing during the Feast. However, not having the clothes and the mask, he stood out like a shining light at midnight. He tried to back away but no, she had seen him and he was caught in her sights now. The sights of Jaelle Forthstrider Ymuin.

“Ionas, boy. I take it that you’ve returned back to the House’s fold. Good, the Scion of Ymuin should not go gallivanting around on such a hideous monstrosity as that flying piece of dragon bait that I heard you were on. Your parents, the High Lord and Lady, will be pleased definitely that you have returned to Sesus, but we’ve first got to get you some decent clothes.  Those rags don’t befit a Selkie of our family at all.”

She went on, not giving Ionas the opportunity, but he stepped in with a forceful. “AUNT JAELLE. I’m just passing through.  I am not staying, I am not returning to the fold.  My captain has business here, and when he is done I will leave.”

“Oh.” she said not knowing what to say, not understanding why Ionas would turn his back on his family, and worse still, turn his back on the position and status of being the Scion of Ymuin. She just couldn’t understand it.

“I have to go.” Ionas said, he didn’t really, but he could do with a drink.  An encounter with Aunt Jaelle could leave anyone with the need for a break and a drink.

“Fine, turn your back on your family and your House!” was the last thing she said as Ionas rushed off to find the closest tavern.

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