Ch. 121. Rushing for Tea

Captain Jean Lafitte III would’ve corrected Peino’s pronunciation of his ship’s name, but was cut off by the Ambassador taking a stately bow.

“Yes, well, it was no–”, but the words were left hanging in the air as he was handed a card. Lafitte knew what they were, of course, but had never gotten around to getting some for himself. He’d never really seen the point.

However, once again he was left no time to ponder the idea as Peino seemingly raced them out of the presence of the ambassador, Lafitte awkwardly standing as everyone around him bowed and he simply had a puzzling expression on his face. But, he did as directed and followed the Prince up the stairs and out of the lobby within the Embassy’s first floor.

Lafitte merely nodded at the guards as he was let into the room, and offered a smirk at Peino’s jest that nearly turned into a guffaw as he looked upon the brother of Peino Starhand. Merlin’s Beard! he couldn’t help but think as he laid eyes on the twinned Selkie. Though identical the two couldn’t have been more different, and the wizard look (that Lafitte had to assume was shared by all older, master occupiers of the trade) seemed to be straight out of a fairy tale from his own world.

But, the urge was soon stifled as Lafitte was introduced to the Lord Jeneyeru Nightwise, and at the wizard’s offer he bowed, “Yes, I’d be honored, thank you, Master Nightwise,” Lafitte said as he sat upon the sofa and accepted the tea. The stuff had always tasted funny in Aeldreth, though he’d gotten used to it over the years.  Good sweet tea was hard to come by in these parts.

“And I believe a more proper introduction should get us started on my interests in the matter,” Lafitte said, taking a sip of the tea.

“I captain a ship called La Danse Calinda” he began, taking great care to offer the proper pronunciation of the name, “I am a privateer in the employ of the Bull and Jackal Mercantile Society to protect their shipping lanes. While out on patrol I came across our dear Prince under attack by these creatures,” he continued, pointing at the package in the hand of Nightwise.

“I and my crew moved to attack the Spriggans attempting to prey upon your brother’s embattled ship, whence I struck down their ship’s wizard and retrieved one of those cards, the…three, I believe” he said, taking another sip of his tea. “When I brought it aboard my ship it seemed to exude a…calling, and when I brought it out again when presenting it to Prince Starhand, it scared the hell outta my own ship’s wizard,” he continued finishing the tale. “If there are more of them out there, I’d rather not be attacked by those bloodsuckers again, and I’d sooner see them destroyed or in the hands of the proper authorities.”

“I’d hate to think of what they’d do to an Airship in the sky…”


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I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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