Ch. 119. Prospects

The prospects of another hearing didn’t particularly make Y’lanna rejoice, it simply meant to her more uncertainty. The questions, poking and prodding were themselves of little concern, though, of course, there was the embarrassment and the humiliation in regards to the circumstances. Still, it hopefully was going to be short-lived, and it did seem very important. The whole issue of gods was something that she hadn’t even considered. Deities or the worship of such was nothing more than a historical quirk in her world, but his Grace (another thing that she’d have to ask Ruili about, titles of this land) talked as if they not only existed but were active participants in the world.

That was something intriguing that she’d have to check up on, and then there was Ruili’s look of the “country cousin” burden of having been saddled with looking after her. He hadn’t had that before.  It must be something to do with his desire to check up with those “Daemon Arcana” cards.

So she had at least something to ponder and talk about as they got up and made their way to wherever Ruili was leading.

“I know this is probably basic knowledge here, but you said before we met your parents for lunch that the Villa was the ducal residence.  Yet is not Ereonis your family name? I admit I am somewhat uneducated in regards to your world, especially about titles, which I could take as being the cause of my confusion?”

“There is another question I have about the gods.  Your father talked like they not only exist but actually intervene in the world. Is that the case?”

“And one more question — this Daemon Arcana, these cards. They really concern you, don’t they? So much so that you’d be rather trying to deal with them than with me. What is it about them that makes you so concerned?”

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