Ch. 115. Confessions of a Sesan Noble

Even in dock there were still a few things for Ionas left to do on the Calinda, moving through the rigging and checking that everything was properly tied and stowed. As he was doing so, he couldn’t help but look over the city. It had been his home for over seventy-five years, but for the past fifteen years he’d been away, finding an odd job here and there on various sailing ships.  Some, ironically, had been made by his family’s firm. Though for just over the last two years, he’d been on the Calinda.

The Calinda was a refuge from the pressures of family and house. If he had a visiting card, one of the titles on it would of been “Scion of Ymuin”, a responsibility and heavy weight that had hung around his neck, for his fate was believed to foretell the fate of the house. This unusual flying ship was also a refuge from the abstract world of nobility where fame, fashion and reputation were the most important things, a world that had started to twist Ionas’ sense of what was right, and a world that he had fled from to prevent himself from becoming what he had started to despise.

Finally the Calinda, and the vessels he had served on previously, had been a conduit to new sights, experiences and knowledge, something that Ionas could not even think of experiencing stuck in Sesus. He couldn’t help but think back to something the House Seer, Lyrella Nightshade, had said to him back before he left. “The more paddocks you can see, the greener they are to your own.” Ionas pondered over this statement that floated back into his mind.

He had to agree for the most part anyway.  Until he found the Calinda, he had changed ships fairly regularly, wanting to see experience more than the limited number of voyages than each individual ship made. No ship was ever satisfying enough in terms of its broadening adventures. The Calinda, on the other hand, was exactly what Ionas had been looking for, a relatively loose but good captain of a very strange ship, doing all sorts of adventures.

Unlike many of the other crew, Ionas had options, but he decided to be here.  He wanted to be on the Calinda. It had already started to become a sort of home to him, and somehow he felt that he belonged. Though once again, he was brought back to the concept of home and the city of Sesus. Sure, it was the source of all the issues that he had, but it had been home for over seventy-five years, and he had grown up in the city, so there were also a lot of good memories and connections to the place. Some of those memories especially focused on the times that he spent with a particular cousin, a cousin named, oh what was his name… Foliar, yes that’s it.

Ionas remembered both the good and the bad of the city and had mixed feelings, unsure whether he loved or hated it, or somehow both together. Whatever his true feelings were about the place, something that he didn’t really know himself, they would soon be off again. Perhaps they would go on some sort of adventure to do with the cards or something else but whatever they did, he was sure that they would not be all that long.

As for the job immediately at hand, there wasn’t much more to do, and he quickly wrapped it up. The only question remaining now was would he actually go into Sesus or not? It was something that both enticed and repulsed him at the same time, and he still had to decide what he would do while the Calinda was in dock.

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