Ch. 113. More than you can poke a stick at

When they said it was time for some ‘luncheon’, they meant it. This bright red monstrous … thing was brought out to the table. She had no idea that the meal would start so quickly, nor whatever this thing was. Her Grace must had seen her look bemusedly at the creature and this other spiky oddity that looked poisonous, as Y’lanna had seen nothing like them before and had no idea where to start.

She watched as things were cracked open, scooped out, or otherwise made accessible for her to take and eat.

“Yes, most other species that I know of do live significantly shorter lifespans, so it’s hardly surprising for the different standards for adulthood considering the differences in lifespans, your Grace.”

The white and orange meats inside the creatures — well she guessed they were meat.  Meat was expensive and certainly not the kind of food you give indentured servants, for the Cerebral Moon did not have much of an agricultural industry and so most of it had to be imported from off world. She used her fork — at least cutlery seemed to be the same as what she had already used before.

She loaded up her fork and tried the meat with the broth.  The tastes were rather unusual, new and interesting. The tang of the fruit and the richness of the wine combined with the tastes of the meat in a way she had never experienced before, but it was a rather nice surprise. There was a whole new interplay of flavours and textures that she hadn’t experienced as she mostly ate relatively cheap protein bars. However now it was like her taste buds had for the time experienced a new delightful culinary world, and they were hungry for more.

She barely even noticed that the Duke was talking when he tapped Y’lanna’s papers. “Um, yeah something along those lines, your Grace.” She peeked over at Ruili, almost literally the man who plucked her out of the water, and the Duke and Duchess. She owed all of them so much. She had been welcomed,  offered a new life and had her life saved from the rolling ocean. If anyone deserved to know the truth it was the three people around her right.

She was about to open her mouth more and do something that would seem rather foolish and offer to tell everyone at the dinner table there the full story. At least they would listen to her and her story in full before making judgement. She’d think they would understand about why she did what she did and the not quite truths she told to do so. However, before she could, there was something going on.

Jeney(eru) and Ruili it seemed were brothers.  Jeneyeru must have been the State Magus, this kingdom’s royal Mage (or whatever it was). Both of them were worried, along with potentially the Lord of State, possibly but unconfirmed as another brother, about something called the Daemon Arcana. Whatever it was, it didn’t sound good, though to be fair nothing that refers to Demons usually does. She decided, however, now was not the best time to ask questions, and she merely let this family issue play out in front of her.

Ruili’s rather peculiar reaction made her smile.  She knew what effect she had on many people.  It was a racial gift or curse depending on how you looked it at. It was something that went along with the “melding,” a complicated process that she didn’t quite understand, biologically speaking.  She was well aware of its other implications, such as pregnancy. The question was, was she attracted to this man, or was she simply grateful for what had been done for her?

“Quite unusual, I’ve never seen or eaten anything like this in my entire life, but good.” She made direct eye contact with the Duchess. “It’s quite an amazing dish, your Grace. What is it called?”

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