Ch. 111. Smooth Sailing

Captain Jean Lafitte III had spent much of the trip to Sesus either down in the hold, or at the helm of La Danse Calinda. His ship was his transportation, his base of operations, his…home. He loved her just as much, if not more, than the whore she was named after in New Orleans.

And now he felt something was threatening her existence, and he aimed to rid the world of that threat come hell or high water.  The storm that had been dogging them since Kledy seemed to symbolize that feeling. Truth be told, he was preparing for a fight.  He’d spent his days in his hold sharpening his cutlass and machete, as well as cleaning and maintaining the various Aeldrethian replacements for his firearms. If a fight came, he would be prepared for it.

But when the Marsh King’s Daughter stopped near a rocky outcropping and began its signaling Lafitte finally felt the tension he’d been hiding slither away somewhat. His First Mate’s plan had worked, the gates would be opened after all. “Slow sail! Bring ‘er around side the Daughter!”, he yelled, leaving the helmsman at the head and going down to join his men in carrying out that order. Lafitte was a sailor’s man and he kept that reputation tailored nicely. There was no job he ordered he wouldn’t do himself.

“Aye, Patron,” Beau said nearby, and Lafitte moved to join in with his reining in of the sails. The former Guildsman’s words had come to pass, and the Captain decided that the boy’s council would have to be taken into account more often.

“It seems your plan worked.  The Prince will undoubtedly gain us access to the doors which might’ve remained closed to us,” he said, “And for that you’ve gained my trust.  As a team there be no one in Aeldreth we might not conquer,” he continued, rolling a cigarette.  He smirked as he returned the almost mocking bow given by Beau Bergeron.

“Captain!”, Lafitte heard from behind him as he rose.

“Yes, what is it Mr. Ogges?”, he said in return, striking a match and lighting up.

“The Daughter is signaling to follow her to port, Cap’n. Thought you should know,” the squat Dwarf replied.

“Good.  Signal we’ll do so, and once we’ve gotten a good speed, prepare to descend. Sesus is a bit touchy about airships, last I recall,” Lafitte said.

Larman Ogges threw back his head and laughed. “Goddamn understatement that, last time I got shot in the ass!” he said, but with a mock-stern look from Lafitte, he continued, “but, aye sir.” And with that he toddled off to begin preparations.

Beau merely nodded and followed as they two of them helped gather the broader sails required for keeping speed moving through ocean. As the ship gained momentum, the balloon that kept the zeppelin afloat was lowered, and the heat that kept her going steadily lowered until they began losing altitude at a controlled pace.

At the same time as the balloon was being lowered, the larger sails were run up and tied down just as the ship crashed with a splash into the ocean. All in all, the crew’d been drilled to the point that she could be converted this way fast enough to avoid a Roc. They then sailed into the harbour without much difficulty, dealing with a routine inspection(though much lighter with benefit of the Navigators)and Lafitte directed that she be tied up not far from the Daughter.

That however was when the problems started. “Some sort of Guard, sir! Says he needs to speak with you,” a crewman shouted towards him.

“Ugh, how come it never just goes smooth?” he asked to no one in particular. Lafitte then made his way over to the loading ramp and pulled a sheet of parchment from inside his jacket pocket. “I’m with the Prince, and I have letters of marque from the Bull & Jackal Mercantile Society, I assure you everything is in order, Mr…uh?”


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I'm Charlie, aka, Maurepas, I write with Mura and Avayu in various RPs in Nationstates. I enjoy writing things, and the writing I do with them. I'm currently attempting to attend college, in pursuit of a Teaching Degree in History.
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