Ch. 107. Insights

The next morning and the morning after that, the storm was still following behind and the Daughter was still out in front. Ionas was stuck with the idol and had to keep it at least until he could find a way to get it back to the temple. He grumbled slightly as he paused just to look at the storm following them in a threatening manner. At least it wasn’t catching up to them from behind, and out the  front the Daughter wasn’t getting too far away.

It was hard to say exactly what caused this almost comical line, La Danse Calinda chasing after The Marsh King’s Daughter while itself being chased after by a storm threatening and looming behind it. Whether the storm was pushing them along — the Calinda more so than the Daughter due to the winds — or whether the Daughter’s sails were actually cut back slightly to catch less wind was something that Ionas started to wonder about. It didn’t take long, but there was only one possible way to resolve this, to look at the Daughter itself.

He decided to pull out his looking glass — not that he didn’t think he could look at it. He just wanted to be certain beyond any shadow of a doubt. He was looking for something specific, something that could be easily seen if you knew what to look for and had the capability to see the distance. He saw what he needed to see and smiled to himself. “Peino Starhand… how did I know?”

After scanning the skies once more, Ionas took a glance down at the first mate.  There was just something about him that made every single hair on his body stand on edge and then run for their lives. He was dispassionate, cold, heartless, only doing what was in his best interest, which had seemed from the moment the stranger had been found to be to suck up to the captain, though it hadn’t been hard.

To start with, the man had obviously had no experience on vessels of any sort, let alone this strange contraption that Ionas called home. The first mate was planning something, up to some sort of mischief. It was a long term plan.  The problem was that Ionas had no idea what it was, and with the captain trusting him and the fact that he was the first officer, he could easily get away with whatever it was. Ionas only hoped that, whatever it was, he wouldn’t drag the Calinda down with him, too.

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