Ch. 98. Setting Sights

Things not going as expected was something that one had to learn to expect, especially in a ‘ship’ like this. As a result, it was hardly surprising to Ionas when he realised what was going to happen. Firstly, they were on the wrong line to go back to their normal patrolling grounds, and secondly, they were following The Marsh King’s Daughter, which was pulling out and extending its lead.

“I guess we’re headed to Sesus,” he said to himself. It was lonely and fairly isolated being alone up in the rigging, and Ionas had gotten into a habit of talking to himself when there was no one else around.

“We’d be headed almost directly for it, and it would be the only reasonable option considering it’s the Daughter that we’re following.”

After a moment of keeping another eye out, he decided that today was a separate instance to what happened yesterday and went to add another sighting entry of The Marsh King’s Daughter, noting that it was heading up to Sesus from Kledy.

He made it quick because he had to make sure there weren’t any dragons or rocs about. Yesterday’s close call was still very much on his mind, which was why he frowned at the storm. It prevented him from seeing as far as he would have liked to and, well, it could easily be thick enough to hide a dragon inside.

In addition to this, there was something odd about the storm itself. The storm had stopped intensifying, but it was following them, which considering the season, the location and direction, was quite unusual. He didn’t study the weather, but he still couldn’t remember seeing this before or even hearing stories about it. With Bom Boneshred being uncooperative, that left having a talk with Tayliana Winddancer about this idol.

There was something about it that made Ionas believe there was a connection, but he couldn’t just throw it over the side, either. He knew enough about this sort of thing that it might not be what you think and getting rid of it — like throwing it in the ocean — might make things worse. So once they made Sesus, or perhaps that night, he might bring the idol with him down to her and see she had to say.

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