Ch. 97. Knowing So Little

Again Lotye trembled a little bit as his hand touched hers. She didn’t want to need his reassurances, no matter how gentle and nice. That she was in this situation, physically constrained and emotionally down and out, already was bad enough, but the famous nobleman watching her like a scholar would watch a bug through a magnifying glass only made it worse, no matter how friendly he acted. Dammit, Lotye, show some backbone! Don’t you start crying now! She didn’t want to seem weak and she had never liked to be dependent on somebody, but she obviously was right now.

No, she wouldn’t lie to him. What good would lying do to her? Her best chance probably was to tell them what she knew, as little as it was. The way her lawyer grinned again reinforced that view. Maybe she really had been witness to a much greater crime. The they would certainly let her go, wouldn’t they? Provided she can bear witness … Lord Nightwise’s words echoed in her mind. What if I can’t give them the information they need? Did he mean it like that?

She tried to remember as much of the scene as possible. It wasn’t much. Two people in some narrow side street. The faces hidden under masks, the form of their bodies only vaguely visible under their cloaks. Would she be able to identify them if she saw them again? Probably not. The place? If her memory didn’t betray her, certainly. But how many streets looking like that were there in Sesus? There wasn’t much she would be able to help them out with. Which meant there wasn’t much to help herself with.

Lotye wouldn’t lie. But she would have to sell the little pieces she knew as good as possible. The scroll … I completely forgot about it. That could certainly help. She couldn’t remember taking it with her as she had flown from the square. So the instructions most likely still were in her caravan, wherever that one was now. Probably also in the keep by now, the connection between the decrepit vehicle and her would not have been too hard to find for the guardians. Which meant that the scroll also was in their hands now. Bad luck again. She had to do with what she had. Not lying, but portraying her abilities to help a little bit more optimistically than she saw them herslef.

“I’m sure I could lead you to the place where I stole the cards. That shouldn’t be too hard if I see the streets again. The men on the other hand … There’s a festival outside. Everyone is wearing masks and so did those two. They wore cloaks, too. I’m not sure if I’d be able to recognise them again. I’d have to try, I guess, I came at least pretty close to the one who bought the cards.”

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