Ch. 96. Things Take Shape

Sesus Jail…

Lotye was right. Aeto Arrowwise was not pleased to hear that, in fact, her client did have skills and education that could be used against her, but the lawyer’s exasperation was offset by the return of Lord Jeneyeru’s gentle manner.  He reached over and briefly patted the hand lying in her lap.

“The Purifying Lake school is a fine path,” he said, “even for those who do not wish to follow it.  I believe you, because I know you would not lie to me.”  Jeneyeru did believe her, and not just because he thought she knew the penalty she would likely face for trying to mislead a magus of his rank. Everything about her – her voice, her posture, the rueful downward glance — all spoke volumes to him.

“Think you now,” he said, “these men who traded for the cards, would you recognize them if you saw them?  Or do you think you can find again the place where you saw the transaction between them?”

He turned for a moment to Aeto.  “Mark it, Mistress Arrowwise, I suspect there is more to this crime than a lowly cutpurse who did not know what she had stolen.”

The lawyer’s flat line of a grin was instantly restored.  “I knew it.  Objects of so much power,” she waggled a finger at Lotye encouragingly, “we’ll get you off as a witness.”

“Provided she can bear witness,” said Jeneyeru.  “Oh, and that scroll of instructions, we should have that, if it’s among the evidence.”  The Master of Shadows returned his dark eyes to Lotye, contemplating her with a small smile hovering on his lips, as if he was gazing upon a very promising bit of evidence indeed.

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