Ch. 89. A New Day, A Fresh Start

Ionas stirred from his bunk about 15 minutes to 5 in the morning.  First things first — breakfast, something simple and quick from the galley, and then it was off to work. Up in the rigging there was a lot to do, a lot of things to look over and check. One by one, Ionas ticked things off his mental list of things to do. Some things had to be done each day, others had to be checked before each “take off.”  Everything however was well and truly done by the time the Captain appeared on deck.

That was strange.  He normally was aboard much sooner to help out with preparations for launch, though it probably had something to do with Peino Starhand. He just hoped the captain hadn’t put his foot in it and worn his welcome too thin, but that was a matter between the Captains.

Ionas performed  another scan to verify that there wasn’t a significantly sized Bird or Flying Lizard of Prey up in the skies. He couldn’t see anything, but there was another blasted storm brewing. He sighed before yelling down to the captain. “Sky’s clear of predators, though that storm is looking like it will intensify.”

La Danse Calinda was finally ready to leave port and from what Ionas could see it seemed The Marsh King’s Daughter was as well. Ionas had expected that the Calinda would return to its patrolling zone, but it was a matter of seeing where the captain would take them after all.  There must have been a reason the captain was late, right?

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