Ch. 83. Sea Legs?!!!

The motion of the waves didn’t sit well with Y’lanna one bit.  The rolling, the pitching and yawing were entirely new sensations — sensations that seemed to mess with her balance and equilibrium, so much so that she was feeling sick, nauseous even. The tea did help, at least, and it was something to be grateful for that the food wasn’t toxic either. Even in the midst of the noise of the ocean, the sound of the wood creaking and of whatever activity above or below decks, however, she was lonely.

The company did help as well, the Scholars asking weird questions about her home, and she did her best to answer them. The spaceship was made out of an alloy of two metals that her hosts probably had never heard of, even if they did exist in this world. She also did to try to answer some of the technical questions they had.  Most of them she didn’t know, and then those that she did — how could she explain them to people who hadn’t arrived at understanding general relativity and quantum mechanics let alone a unified theory?  In return, they answered some more of her questions.

She asked about the locket and the charms thereon. When they first said they were enchanted with magic, she didn’t believe them, but when she realised they were serious, she tried to understand and grasped that magic would be like an alternative development path. Instead of understanding how the physical world worked and building technology upon that, they were able to tap into fundamental energies and shape that to their needs. It also helped explain how they could get something like a universal translator without advanced computing.

The sailors, too, they were helpful. A life at sea gave them “sea legs” or a sense of how the sea operates, and thus the mind can process the waves as a sort of reflex action. She also looked on as the sailors worked, joining in as they taught her the words. She started to grasp how this worked. No engine, but the sails attached to the masts allowed whatever wind there was to push the sails and by extension the entire ship. A rudder, apparently a moveable pole with a panel of wood, helped direct the water under the boat one way to force an equal yet opposite reaction, pushing the ship the other.

The company was welcome but it had finally hit her — she was alone. There was no one else like her here, but there was no point lying in the past.  She had a future ahead of her, and she was going to meet that now. Time had passed and, soon, this rather enlightening experience was entering its last few moments. The Wolf was coming into dock.

“Of course.  Thank you for so thoughtfully accommodating me. If you were to get into trouble because of me, well I wouldn’t dream of it.”

She was nervous but hardly anything that she couldn’t handle.  Bureaucracy was like bureaucracy everywhere, right? A few questions, a few forms, though most likely on this world paper with actual markings on the paper to indicate the response, but surely it couldn’t be that bad. Either way she was as ready as she was going to be and would follow Ruili’s lead.

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