Ch. 78. Picking up the Pieces

Y’lanna made her way over to the larger pieces of wreckage that were on board the Wolf. She hadn’t known how she would feel about seeing them until she actually saw them. To see the metal strained and twisted — going through the Spatial Vortex Anomaly must had put some extreme pressures and forces upon the ship if it did this to the strong metal of the ship. The idea that she had been somehow in the middle of it and yet had come out unscathed was something that she couldn’t imagine.

Looking at the wreckage now, it was amazing that she was standing here in the first place and not torn into bits like the ship that she arrived in. That on its own was something that she would take some time to come to terms with and that was of symbolic significance but, then, there was also something far more important to Y’lanna.

She had escaped.  The spaceship was her last remaining link to her past and now that it had been destroyed, the Cerebral Moon, the indentured servitude, everything that she had got in the spaceship to escape in the first place was truly gone, and she could start her life anew.  She had plenty of life remaining after all, many hundreds of years.

There it was all in front of her — a tale of miraculous escape with her life in more ways than one. While Rulli held back his smile, Y’lanna didn’t, though she did keep it in check. This was her ticket to a new life, and she didn’t want to start thinking about the Spatial Vortex Anomaly nor why she had gone into it in the first place.

She bent down and gently brushed her hand across the exterior of the piece of wreckage, getting the beads of water in amongst her hand. A final goodbye to the craft and to her entire past in one silent and single movement. That was it, she had done what she had wanted to do and stood up one more time.

“No, it’s fine,” she said, dismissing the opportunity to look through the baskets of gear netted in. “Anything that’s in there would either be ruined or soon run out of power anyway.”

She’d have to get used to this world, despite its absolutely primitive technology, but she’d have time.  It was surely better than what she had left anyway, and at least these people were somewhat pleasant.

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