Ch. 70. Taking Stock

Kledy Keep

This was the exact reason why Ionas didn’t give his name to Bom, and why Ionas was extremely glad to be separated from the rather blood-thirsty pirate. The question now was how to proceed.  He could point out the hypocrisy inherit in the statement, or he could simply plough on. In the moment that he had to think he went with the hypocrisy, he couldn’t let the last statement remain unanswered if he was going to get what he wanted

“Oh, I see you think because people I work with had the killing blow on your vessel that somehow I’m unworthy to even mention her name. You know I think it’s the other way around. All the signs were there.  You could have easily worked out that you were about to attack The Marsh King’s Daughter, personal vessel of Captain Peino Starhand Ereonis. A man who had won on numerous occasions the Lyr Sea Challenge, who is the Sovereign Prince of The Grand Navigators, one of the biggest Naval powers in the Lyr Sea. The Marsh King’s Daughter had all this, and yet you were too foolhardy to know who your opponent was, or otherwise you knowingly risked the Reputation going up against such a battle. It may have been the weapons of members of my same crew that sunk her, but it was your recklessness that was responsible for her death. Now are you going to tell me about the Reputation‘s main mast or should I describe in detail what was done to her because you were too stupid to realise you were outmatched.”

It was a bit of a rant, and Ionas could hardly believe that he managed to get it all out in some sort of coherent manner. It had been a drastic change of tack but Bom Boneshred was getting on his nerves. He hadn’t even touched on the whole ‘oh, and what did you want to do to The Marsh King’s Daughter? Invite the captain over for tea and biscuits?’ Seeing the small details is one thing, but the clues that Bom so-called Boneshred missed, if in fact he did miss them, were fairly big, and to Ionas there was no excuse to being unable to identify The Marsh King’s Daughter.

If Bom gave him the information he wanted or not, this was his last roll of the dice so to speak he’d go back to the Alderman’s, see if Peino was still there drinking.  If not, well, he’d make use of the facilities, i.e. another drink, and then crawl back in his bunk.

On board the Wolf

“Paper” — that word didn’t really explain what the card was made of to a person who had only seen various forms of information screens and had never seen or even heard of a mention of paper or any product similarly made. She would have to ask someone that would know more details about it. Captain Rulli didn’t seem to know anything, except perhaps military and naval matters – if he even knew that. She would also have to ask another person about the charms.  They seemed out of place for such a technologically primitive society. Though perhaps she being a bit harsh on the Captain.  He seemed a nice man, it was just that information was what she really wanted and he wasn’t the best font of knowledge she had come across.

However she shouldn’t have been surprised at the questions regarding Artificial Gravity, though for something one has taken for granted it can be hard to expect being asked questions about it, even in such an environment as she found herself in now.

“Huh? Oh firstly so that no matter which way the ship is orientated is space the floor is always ‘down’ and also the further you get away from a planet the weaker gravity is.  If you actually want to walk around in space then artificial gravity is kinda necessary. I’m not actually sure of the physics though so I can’t tell you how.”

What had suddenly hit her was just so much she didn’t know about how her world operated. Sure, she could operate things, but that was completely due to understanding the fundamentals of FTL travel, data terminals, even her electro-tool, a device that allows universal access to electronic equipment, which now was nothing more than a hunk of metal floating or sinking in the ocean.

“Right, yes, let’s see what’s left. Shall we?”

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