Ch. 68. Taking in the answers

Kledy Keep

It was best that, perhaps, Ionas kept his mouth quiet while the grumpy Guardians responded to his request. He was quite intimidated by them — not that they were especially intimidating, just to the young Selkie they were brutes of men and, while they were guardians of law and order, he didn’t want to push and put the appropriate codes to the test.  He dare not ask his ‘host’ to leave. However Bom, was another matter all together.  Not only was he smaller but, more importantly, he was behind bars.

“The Reputation was a fine ship. It was a pity that she was taken out of commission.” Ionas started his conversation this way, with a lie because it was simply to try and get on the Spriggan’s good side. The Reputation wasn’t a bad ship, but neither did it stand out. Perhaps growing up as the son of a ship building manager meant his view on ships was skewed, but that was neither here nor there.

“My name does not really matter, but I was the lookout on one of the vessels that you recently encountered. Completely uninvolved with the combat either ship to ship or man to man, I might add. I don’t have the arms for it, anyway. While others were fighting I was looking at your ship and that’s when I knew I had to speak to its Captain.”

Aboard the Wolf

Y’lanna simply glared at the Scholar who had interrupted her finally being given the answers to her questions and simply ignored the question and turned back to face Captain Rulli out of a momentary spite.

As the Captain explained who he was, she could only think, These people like their titles. The card, on the other hand, was something totally foreign. It had been millennia since Y’lanna’s people had used such fibrous writing equipment. She tilted her head to allow for easy access to the chain, which soon had another enchanted charm on it. She had a look at the card through the lens, though she was more interested in the actual card itself than what was written on it.

“What is it made of?” She added a fifth question. The lens and the first charm that was on there were like a universal translator, though she didn’t understand how they could have that and not at least metal ships.

“I don’t have anything electronic on me.  Most of that would have been destroyed with my ship and yes, it was just me.” Y’lanna pouted at the thought of having absolutely no belongings, she basically had her clothes and that was it.

Well, least she knew the date, what good that did, though Rulli’s explanation did help. “So the Spatial Vortex Anomaly took me to a different dimension, no wonder that ships that got too close just disappeared.” As for a  common point between the two calenders, Now was as good a point as any so she could change from one calender to another from this point. “It seems I have more to thank you for than merely plucking me out of the ocean.”  She smiled, having most of her questions answered, and the good news that she was to be provided a home put her in a much better frame of mind.

“I’ll be happy to oblige any questions the officials or scholars have.”  Which reminded her of something. “Not much different to now, enclosed space and artificial gravity.” she said turning to the Scholar that interrupted her before. “What being inside a spaceship is like.” she added just to confirm the question that she was answering.

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