Ch. 62. More than one lot of questioning

Around and About in Kledy

With nothing left keeping him at the Alderman’s, Ionas left, already having taken his leave. The sun had gone down, but it was still fairly early in the night. Lanterns were dotted around the streets on posts bringing illumination to the area beneath them as well as those sat by the entrances to various shops.

There was plenty enough light around for Ionas to easily see, perhaps not in the same amount of detail that he would normally be able to but certainly well enough that navigation of the streets posed no problems.

It didn’t take all that long to find the Guardian’s Keep, not so much an actual keep, just a really solid stone building. The door he found was open to the public, to report crimes, to make inquiries, make statements or any other number of things that a person may call on the Guardians to do.

The registrar marshall was there as expected, the face, so to speak of the guardians. “Registrar Marshall, I am Ionas Farseer Ymuin. There were Spriggan Pirates that were recently captured brought in today. I need to ask the pirate captain questions about something that was on his ship.”

Ionas didn’t really know what to expect from the Registrar Marshall he hadn’t had any dealings with the guardians that was remotely like this before. In fact he could hardly remember any real interaction with them at all, beyond seeing them patrol the streets. He was still quite young and had ‘run away to join the circus’ so to speak and so hadn’t really had the opportunity until now.

His house name may have some impact on what happened next, but it was still very much an unknown. He could be given access to ask the questions he wanted to or be turned away or anything in between. He took a slightly deep breath as he looked at the Registrar Marshall to see if there was any hint about what he thought of the request.

On Board the Wolf

The idea of an Amulet of Suitor Deflection just sounded weird, and Y’lanna had no idea how it was meant to ‘deflect’ suitors. Perhaps it gave them an electric shock or something if anyone got too close. That idea tickled her fancy and caused her to smile to herself briefly, but really she had no idea what would happen. Perhaps that was a question for the captain when she got there.

For now she let the healer put it on her.  She wasn’t adverse to some fun but for now it was more important to have some answers, and distractions, even distractions caused by herself, would interfere. She didn’t feel different but then again she probably wasn’t meant to. She was on her way to see the Captain and finally have her questions answered.

She could hear some babbling, the same kind of nonsensical babbling that she remembered she heard when she was first plucked out of the cold wet sea.  She thought that was perhaps her mind trying to make sense of her new surroundings, but the more she heard the more she knew that this wasn’t just some babbling, this was another foreign language. She tried to remember what had happened. The locket, that was put on and then she could understand what was being said.

It must have a limited range otherwise…. She had just gotten close enough to Captain Ruili to understand what he was saying, just in the middle of the thought which confirmed her thinking that the locket was some kind of universal translator that only worked within a relatively short distance. That dealt with one of her questions, so now that she had been given the floor, so to speak, it was time for the rest of them.

“I have a few.” she awkwardly smiled at the captain before she started to enumerate her questions…

“1. Who are you? What’s this ship?” Alright it was technically two questions, but they were fairly closely linked so it counted as one in Y’lanna’s mind.

“2. What happened to my spaceship?” She had found her self suddenly in the water without any real grasp of what had happened to her spaceship. The only real question was if the translator was able to translate the term ‘spaceship’ correctly, but what other word could Y’lanna choose?

“3. Where are we? And what year is it?” She had obviously travelled somewhere.  The most obvious dimensions were space/time. It could have been that she had travelled back in time as well as to a different location in space, to before artificial fibres and metal was used in ship design. These wooden ships were a very early precursor to the spaceships she knew. The ships started on the sea, then took to the atmosphere and then left the atmosphere for space flight. So that could explain the ship…. though it didn’t explain the universal translator. Either way it was her best working theory so far.

“And 4. What’s going to happen now?” The reasoning for this was fairly self evident.  She’d been examined, and now it was anyone’s guess as to what was going to happen to her.  Perhaps it would be best to take off the suitor deflection amulet, or whatever it was called.  However it was too late now. It would be awkward, and from the captain’s response, it seemed that he knew of the Zoneloger attributes.

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